Composer Kevin Mills
Title A Short Walk (on a windy day)
Level INT
Genre Concert Band
Price $70.00
Description The working title of this piece was "Awkward March." It was inspired in the summer of 2011, by my (then) 4-year-old son, Trevor. One morning, my wife and I were in the kitchen with our three children. I was teasing my wife—calling her "Woman" whenever I spoke to her. Later that day, Trevor came up to Wendy, and asked, "Mom, what a woman is?" (He used to invert his sentences that way.) Wendy told him what a woman is. Trevor asked, "Am I a woman?" Wendy said, "No." Trevor replied, "...well, this is awkward!" I was so tickled by that exchange! I wrote this march, in which I tried to capture some of the awkward missteps of a normal, inquisitive, playful four-year-old boy. The title changed to "A Short Walk (on a windy day)" so that people would not be put off by the word “Awkward,” in what I consider to be a joyous tune. Enjoy!

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