Composer Richard Baller
Title The Mule Saga
Level INT
Genre Concert Band
Price $65.00
Description "The Mule Saga" is a work arranged for Concert Band by Richard. Baller. This is an interesting work containing two tunes from the Civil War. The tunes are: "Mister, Here’s Your Mule" by C.D.Benson and "Here’s Your Mule" by William H. Neave.. This practice of writing partner songs...a song written in response to a previous song... was common in the Civil War era. The kidnapping of a peddler’s mule by Confederate soldiers in training was the subject of an entire family of songs. The original song by C.D. Benson features standup solos by a Trpt. , Trom. and Tuba. "Where’s my mule?" is still a common expression of frustration in the South. The original song became very popular in the South. The 26th North Carolina Regimental Band (General Lee’s Band) had this tune in their books.

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