Composer Sergei Leonov
Title Thirty Arias by Cavalli (Bk. 2)
Level INT
Genre Vocal solo
Price $33.00
Description "Thirty Arias by Cavalli" (Book 2) have been selected from Francesco Cavalliís (1602-1676) solo cantatas. They have been realized and edited by Sergei Leonov. Sergei Leonov is a true scholar and accomplished musician who specializes in Italian Baroque music. His attention to the original scores has opened these masterpieces to new audiences. Included in Book 2 which is available in medium High or medium Low voice are: Tiranna mia; Sperar qualche merce; La speme di goder; Ingannatrice cara; Come scherza quel augelletto; Vaga filli questo core; Se gia ferma la costanza; Mi dicesti che disciolta; Mi dicesti lo confesso; Potessi ingrata mia. Also available as a PDF.

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