Composer Robert Dittmer
Title Ancient Souls (Brass Quintet)
Level INT
Genre Brass
Price $20.00
Description "Ancient Souls" is a Brass Quintet written by Robert Dittmer. "Ancient Souls" was written to honor those who has given us their gift of wisdom throughout the ages including friends, mentors and teaches. Those individuals have provided both inspiration and motivation for some of humanityís greatest achievements.

It begins with a neo-medieval antiphonal fanfare and progresses through a main theme in a British style followed by two variations. That thematic variety is connected by fragments of the opening fanfare and the piece culminates in a dramatic restatement of that element to the end.

Successful interpretation of contrasting styles is an important performance focus. Additionally, the intricacies of the fanfare figures and the arpeggiated accompaniment beginning in measure 29 must be rehearsed for rhythmic precision.

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