Composer Claus Waidtlow
Title The Other Side of the River
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "The Other Side of the River" was written by Claus Waidtlow in 2014. Up tempo jazz. Features Trom. solo. Scored for: Clar.1/Sop.; Clar. 2/Sop./Alto; Clar. 3/Sop./Tenor; Clar. 4/Tenor; Bass Clar./Bari; 4 Trpts w/Flugels; 4 Bones; Rhythm section. A composition in two parts. The first section is a colourfull movement where chords and textures creates a beautiful mood. The second ”movement” starts out with a highly energic section – contrasting the first part – and after a strong tutti section it resolves into a nice Trombone feature. Also available as a PDF.

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