Composer Claus Waidtlow
Title Spring Dance
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description "Spring Dance" was written by Claus Waidtlow in 2014. Commissioned by the Kluvers Big Band. For younger bands... start at letter C. Interesting WW sounds , etc. on into. At letter C the tune speeds up and goes to 5/4 meter. A short section in 3/2 and then back to 5/4. WW doublings necessary. Tenor and piano solo spots. The coda finishes in 3/2 time. A number of key changes. This will challenge your group. Scored for: Fl.1/Alto Fl./Sop.; (Sub. part for Fl.1/Sop.);Fl. 2./Cl./Alto; Cl./Fl./Tenor 1; Cl./Tenor2; Bass Cl./Bari; 4 Trpts.; 4 Bones; Rhythm section. Starts out with a colourfull introduction, moving into a section which is lead by Bass and Bass-clarinet. An organic metric modulation sets the mood for the rest of the song, which stays in a nice relaxing 5/4 groove. Also available as a PDF.

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