Composer Mark Flaherty
Title Caminhando Com Wallace (Little Big Band Version)
Level INT
Genre Little Big Band
Price $55.00
Description Caminhando com Wallace (Walkiní with Wallace) (Little Big Band Version) was written by Mark Flaherty in 2014. It is an energetic samba designed for a high school jazz band or a developing college ensemble (Grade 3-4). The piece was inspired by the composerís first attempts to walk his dog Wallace on a leash when he was still a puppy. This 48-bar (AABBAA) tune features a catchy melody and solo space for trumpet, tenor, & drums. Lead trumpet goes to high C. Definitely a crowd pleaser! Scored for: A. Sax; T. Sax; B. Sax; Trpt. 1,2; Trom.; Guitar; Piano; Bass; Drums. Also available as a PDF.

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