Composer Bill Schmid
Title Tango Americaine (1920) (Brass 5)
Level INT
Genre Brass
Price $20.00
Description "Tango Americaine (1920) " by John Alden Carpenter has been arranged for Brass Quintet by Bill Schmid. Also available as a PDF. The American composer John Alden Carpenter (1876-1951) wrote Tango américaine in 1920 for solo piano, taking advantage of the nation’s tango craze at the time. ​Composed i​n ABA form, the middle section has a small amount of dissonance and owes more to Impressionism than the outer, more traditional parts of the dance-influenced work. This arrangement, for brass quintet, has been transposed from the original key of D up a fourth to G. Trumpet 1 upper range extends to D above high C. Also available as a PDF.

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