Composer Gil Woody
Title Cello/Bass Trombone Concerto
Level INT
Genre Trombone
Price $100.00
Description Gil Woody has written a Concerto that works for either Cello or Bass Trombone solo and String Orchestra. Also works with a String Quartet and a Bass Trom. or Cello soloist. Three Movements. Premiered in Sacramento, CA in 2014. Lovely music. Bass Trombonists take little has been written for the instrument...this is a great addition to the literature.

The cello/bass trombone concerto, written for my wife, depicts a dialogue between a man and a woman. The cello/Bass Trom. represents the man and the violin, the woman. If you choose to listen to the concerto in this way, you will experience intense feelings of respect and love as well as frustration and reconciliation.

Go to Youtube and type in Gilbert Woody for a video performance of the Concerto.

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