Composer Ryszard Pusz
Title Suite for Snare (S.D. Solos)
Level INT
Genre Percussion
Price $10.00
Description "Suite for Snare" was written by Ryszard Pusz in 2015 and revised in 2017-18. This is a four-movement suite for a snare drum solo. Written by a marvelous performer and teacher these works are designed for the intermediate player. Mvt. 1 = After M; Mvt. 2 = An if...? ; Mvt. 3 = Scherzando spiccato; Mvt 4 = Continuity of Change. Notes on the SD pieces: After M -Inspired by Milhaud who composed the first multi-percussion concerto, and Michael Colgrass, who after studying with him charted a new direction for the snare drum, this piece pays tribute to both. It makes a multiple piece of a single drum (after Milhaud), and extends the sound sources of the drum (after Michael). An if? Poses the question An if we have no sticks, what is left? A silent drum? Of sound bereft? Or can fingers and nails in retrospect give a more subtle tone to this narrative. Scherzando spiccato explores the sounds of various strokes provided by one brush and fingers. Continuity of Change plays with the idea that long sounds on the drum are an illusion created by playing different types of rolls that also create different levels of tension. The rolls in this piece are created by hitting a stick that is resting on the drum, and so forcing it to bounce. Also available as a PDF.

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