Composer Genghis Barbie
Title Take On Me (Horn 4)
Genre Horn
Price $30.00
Description "Take On Me" by Waaktaar, Furuholmne and Harket has been arranged by Michael P. Atkinson for the Genghis Barbie Horn quartet. This pop favorite as first performed by the Norwegian synthpop group A-ha is a challenge for your better players. A welcome addition to the horn literature.
"Take on Me": Channel your inner Euro-pop rockstar with A-has unforgettable 80s anthem "Take on Me." Enthusiastically approved by Hermann Baumann himself, its sure to bring any audience to their feet! Arranged by NYC horn player and composer Michael P Atkinson, this track is from GBs eponymous debut album Genghis Barbie. Also available as a PDF.

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