Composer Becky Archibald
Title The Long Ride Home
Level INT
Genre Piano
Price $10.00
Description "The Long Ride Home" was written by Becky Archibald in 1999 and revised in 2015. The solo for Piano is a lovely work with challenges and very specific pedaling indications. Excellent for the developing pianist. A lush and chromatic 24-bar introduction gives way to a sparse treatment of a singable melody (written by the composer in the car while driving.) The music is not predictable, yet it flows beautifully from section to section with rich harmonies and interesting variations of the themes. (A note to pianists - in Becky Archibald’s piano music, the left hand is always given lots of opportunities to sing, too!) “The Long Ride Home” is a heartfelt and enjoyable piece for both players and audiences.  It is the title track of Archibald’s 2nd CD release. Also available as a PDF.

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