Composer John C. Griffin
Title Playin and Prayin
Genre Piano
Price $15.00
Description "Playin’ and Prayin’ " is a work for solo piano by John C. Griffin. Featured on the Nick Phillips "American Vernacular" CD . This piece represents two "southern" styles of music: the hoedown and the church hymn. The piece contrasts up-tempo, "fun" social dance tunes with the traditional choral songs featured in Christian worship services. In the brief introduction, the performer plucks out a whole-tone version of a familiar banjo tune on the strings of the piano before jumping into the hoedown melody. This is not a typical hoedown as it contains several unusual changes of meter and asymmetrical rhythms. The middle section features a modified four-part chorale that incorporates a more extended harmonic language as well as several arpeggios in the high registers. The hoedown returns to bring the composition to a rousing conclusion. Also available as a PDF.

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