Composer Sergei Leonov
Title The Dikes Dance (Pulver/Leonov)
Genre Orchestra
Price $100.00
Description In 1930, the Moscow State Yiddish Theater (GOSET) staged the play Hreblyes (“The Dikes”), based on the novel by Grigory (Hershl) Orland, written a year earlier. Despite the extremely rare references to this production, there are sufficient grounds for considering it a model example of early theatrical socialist realism. This publication contains complete musical material from Act 3 of the play. There are six dances in the suite: “Lyavonikha”/«Лявониха» (No.2); “Freylekhs”/«Фрейлехс») (No.3); No. 4; “The Young People”/«Молодёжь» (Nos. 6 & 11); “The Belorussians”/«Белорусы» (Nos. 8 & 10); “Jewish”/«Еврейская» (No. 9). The duration of the whole suite is about 8 minutes. Full scores and orchestral parts with music written by Lev Pulver and edited and realized by Sergei Leonov. Also available as a PDF. 

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