Composer Shawn Purcell
Title Turtle Tank Blues (Helbing/Purcell)
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description Shawn Purcell arranged this tune in 2014. Great arrangement ! "Turtle Tank Blues" is a 12 bar blues, with a boogaloo feel, composed by drummer Stockton Helbing (Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen). This chart features solos for Tenor 1, Trumpet 2, each with their own separate backgrounds, and has 2 drum solo sections including one open drum solo! If you are looking to feature your drummer, this chart will not let you down! “Turtle Tank Blues” includes a unique acapella sax soli (reminiscent of Bob Mintzer) and also features 2 choruses of highly chromatic unison/octave bebop lines written for the brass and accompanied with full 5 part sax voicings! At the conclusion of the solo sections, instead of a typical big band shout chorus the full band trades with the drums with full Thad Jones style voicings. This chart also includes a hip funky bass line that is also doubled with the Bari Sax and Guitar. “Turtle Tank Blues” will generate a great response from the audience and will have crowd tapping their feet in no time! The Lead Trumpet goes up to written C6, and the Lead Trombone goes up to Ab4. No doubles. Also available as a PDF.

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