Composer Mark Eliot Jacobs
Title Chicago Scenes (Concert Band)
Genre Concert Band
Price $85.00
Description "Chicago Scenes" for Concert Band, composed in 2014 consists of five movements each of which depicts a personal memory of my time as a Chicagoan or a vision of an historical event in the city’s past. • Sheridan Beach was a well recommended restaurant in the Rogers Park neighborhood that I tried to patronize on the day after it closed its doors for good. • Haymarket Square (1886) depicts the scene of a 19th century contretemps between a group of socialist/anarchists and the Chicago police department. I bomb was thrown, shots were fired, and some innocent men were hanged. The tune Annie Laurie can be heard as the condemned man makes his way to the gallows. • East Lake Terrace also in Rodgers Park was a pleasant street adjacent to Lake Michigan where some friends made their home. • Grant Park (1968) depicts the time of another conflict with the Chicago PD, this time with members of the hippie youth movement in the park adjacent to the location of the Democratic National convention of that year. Not as much of a riot as the second movement. • Midway Plaisance (1893 World’s Fair) is a representation of the World’s Fair on the south side of Chicago that inspired the lyric in America the Beautiful, “Thine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears!” The fair introduced the world to ice cream cones, “strike anywhere” matches, and alternating current, among other innovations. Also available as a PDF.

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