Composer Eric Schmitz
Title Trio (Flugelhorn,E.H., Cello)
Genre English Horn
Price $15.00
Description “Trio,” was written to feature three of my favorite instruments: flugelhorn, English horn and violoncello. It was inspired by Aaron Copland’s beautiful “Quiet City” (which features trumpet and English horn accompanied by string orchestra). The texture is quite transparent throughout and includes written cadenzas for English horn and violoncello, and a section with chord changes for an improvised solo by flugelhorn. The piece is dedicated to my dad (Alan Schmitz), a composer and now-retired professor of music. Also available as a PDF. “Trio” has been recorded and commercially released on ACE Composers: 21st Century Chamber Music by Alan, Christopher, and Eric Schmitz (Ravello Records RR7928, 2016): Brian Shaw - Flugelhorn Andrew Blanke – English horn Hyugrai Kim - Violoncello © Eric Schmitz 2018 Published by Really Good Music, LLC

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