Composer Robert Washut
Title Soneando (String Trio)
Genre Strings
Price $25.00
Description Soneando (for string trio; commissioned by Trio 826 in 2011) Soneando is based on the Cuban son, a style of music combining elements of the Spanish canción and Afro-Cuban rhythm. It explores different variations in which each member of the trio functions at times as the melodic voice, and at times as part of the rhythm section. Implicit throughout is the clave, or underlying rhythmic "key" or basis. This rhythmic foundation is interrupted only near the end of the work, by an evocative, rubato cadenza for solo cello. While rooted in Latin music, this piece still has all the hallmarks of a classical variations form, including exploration of different harmonic areas, and even a fugal section. Recorded by Trio 826 (Mosaic/Blue Griffin: BGR 403). Also available as a PDF.

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