Artist Douglas Hill
Title The Feast Awaits
Price $18.00
Description "The Feast Awaits" is a 2005 release by Crystal Records of the Wisconsin Brass Quintet. Also included on this CD is Bass-baritone Paul Rowe and Percussionists Anthony DiSanza, Jason Richins and Christopher Fashun. Members of the Wisconsin Brass Quintet include: John Aley, Trumpet; Trumpet; Douglas Hill, Horn; William Richardson, Trombone; John Stevens, Tuba. The four multi-movement compositions on the CD are showpieces for Brass Quintet and the virtuosity of the performers is everywhere evident. Highly recommended! "Suite Americana No. 1" by Enrique Crespo has five movements. "Tribal Images" by Douglas Hill has four movements. "Footprints" by John Stevens has four movements. "Timepieces" by Douglas Hill has five movements.

Track Listing

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