Artist Brent Wallarab
Title Happenstance
Price $15.00
Description Brent Wallarab and Mark Busselli. (total time 67:36)

Track Listing
A Gentle Fall (Wallarab) 8:51
Jovian Comets (Buselli) 5:15
Happenstance (Wallarab) 7:22
My One and Only Love (arr. Wallarab 4:57
Everything I Love (Cole Porter Arr. Buse 4:51
Azure (Ellington arr. Wallarab) 3:16
Cottontail (Ellington arr. Wallarab) 4:59
Nature Boy (Ahbez arr. Wallarab) 5:42
I Remember Sherrie (Buselli) 5:09
The Trouble With Triplets (Buselli) 5:16
Taboo (Buselli arr. Wallarab) 4:56
Long Ago and Far Away (Kern arr. Buselli 6:48

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