Artist Robert Baca
Title Things to Come
Price $15.00
Description UW-Eau Claire Jazz Ensembles I, II, III, IV & V. (Bands from 1999-2000 school year)

Track Listing
African Skies (J.E. I) 3:26
We Be Jammin' (J.E. II) 4:11
Quincey's Tune (J.E. I) 5:06
It Could Happen to You (J.E. III) 5:13
Riverscape (J.E. V) 4:17
Whisper Not (J.E. IV) 10:19
Dynamic Duo (J.E. II) 5:05
Mel (J.E. I) 3:37
Downtown (J.E. III) 4:33
West Indian Dance (J.E. II) 3:45
Things to Come (J.E. I) 4:29

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