Artist Ryszard Pusz
Title Percussion Down Under
Price $15.00
Description A wonderful CD from Australian percussionist Ryszard Pusz (pron. Richard Push). This CD highlights the works of Australian composers. Ranges from solo compositions to pieces with Chamber Choir and marimba. These pieces deserve wider recognition. Very enjoyable and masterfully done.

Track Listing
Black, White & Rose 21:48
6 Lyric pieces for piano & percussion 10:14
Track 2=Andante & Track 3= Andante Moder
Adagio Espressivo
Split 5 Ways 10:14
Track 8=Push comes to shove; Track 9=Wil
Glimmering Ghost
Shove Pushed
Whales Weep Not! 14:14
Sonata for viola & percussion 10:45

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