Artist Larry Heagle
Title Irish Heart
Price $15.00
Description Notes by Tom Johnson: "Irish Heart" is a distillation of Larry Heagleís life, and not every life story song is a funny one. Sometimes a tune contains a tear or two. This (CD) is a compilation of the songs he has created over a long period of time. Among them are: love songs for his wife Kim; a lament for a young friend; a rousing tune about the vast yacht-like Oldsmobile of his youth; and, curiously, a celebration of a former Attorney General of the United States.

Track Listing
Kim's Song
Rocket Action Oldsmobile
Siren Song
Ian's Eulogy
Don't Look Away
The Wolf
Irish Heart
Janet Reno
Shelter in the Storm
Daddy Jack
The Big Tomato
Senorita Velveeta

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