Artist Douglas Hill
Title Scenes
Price $15.00
Description "Scenes" by the Oakwood Chamber Players is a CD collection of new works by a group of very talented composers. The group of musicians that comprise the Oakwood Chamber Players is a superb representation of the sophisticated, highly trained and motivated artists that are available in the Midwest U.S. Their repertoire is stimulating and their performances are "spot-on". The work "Scenes from Sand County" (If I Were the Wind, January Thaw, Marshland) by Douglas Hill is presented here in a sterling fashion. The printed music for that work is available from Really Good Music, LLC. Highly recommended!

Track Listing
Six Pieces Afer Shakespeare/Entrance Mar 1:03
Ophelia 4:14
Puck 3:00
Catherine's Sarabande 3:58
Witches Invocation 3:38
Falstaff 2:01
Scenes from Sand County/If I Were the Wi 7:19
January Thaw 7:26
Marshland 6:20
Rumors 8:58
Liberial Media 9:06

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