Artist Al Cobine
Title Hate To See You Go (LP)
Price $15.00
Description "Hate To See You Go" is an LP (not a CD) by Al Cobine recorded in 1975. This LP has ten wonderful arrangements of pop and jazz tunes by Al Cobine (one by Chris Gallaher). As the liner notes say "Sit back and listen to the band dispense love and joy in equal quantities." This LP is a must for collectors and jazz lovers. Really Good Music, LLC. is pleased to be able to offer this re-release.

Track Listing
My Man Quincy 4:22
The Way We Were 2:54
This Guy's In Love 2:55
Hikky-Burr 4:55
It Had To Be You 3:37
Sunshine Of My Life 5:11
This Heart Of Mine 2:30
Misty 3:15
Love And Joy 2:30
Hate To See You Go 4:55

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