Artist Ilio Volante
Title Missione Eroica
Price $15.00
Description "MISSIONE EROICA" means "Heroic Mission". This title is intended, besides a classic "Military Mission", to unite various music genres. In fact, I am firmly convinced that in music it is possible to talk about good and bad music and not about good and bad music styles. If you listen to it you can realize that there is mostly concert band tunes but also other completely different styles.

Track Listing
Margini Esterni (External Margin) 3:27
Dreamers 3:51
Santiago 3:08
SHAPE Lab 1:12
Zoltan 2:55
Marcia Ritmica 2:17
Missione Eroica (Heroic Mission) 3:56
Mortimer 3:52
Isla Grande (Grand Isle) 8:35
Eurolandia 3:10
L'ora del Misterio (Hour of Mystery) 4:34
Italia nel Sud (Italy in the south) 4:05
Abacus 2:18
Cuori (Hearts) in Piazza Duomo 4:28
Alter Ego 4:05
Alamari 2:14
Beyond the Borders 5:08
Quelli di prima (The ones before us) 3:36
Mameli Revisited 1:45

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