Artist Geoffrey Keezer
Title Geoff Keezer Trio - World Music
Price $15.00
Description This 1992 CD by Geoffrey Keezer is a must for all serious jazz lovers. This Columbia/DIW CD includes Geoff on Piano, James Genus on Bass, Tony Reedus on Drums and Rudy Bird on Percussion. James Williams produced this CD and continued to be a great friend and mentor to Geoff. The artist wrote " As for the music on this CD, I would prefer that each listener be free to form his or her own ideas about the music, paint pictures, create landscapes, etc. The music is intended to be open and swinging, and if after listening you walk away feeling slightly better than you did before, then Iíve been successful. I sincerely hope you enjoy the music".

Track Listing
It's Only a Paper Moon 7:55
Black and Tan Fantasy 4:15
Virgin Madris 6:50
Accra 9:55
The Wild Line 2:45
Consummation 6:20
Second Thoughts 5:55
Black is the Color of my True Love's Hai 6:05
Once Upon a Dream 5:45
These Foolish Things/For Heaven's Sake 3:50

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