Artist Pete Whitman
Title Where
Price $15.00
Description "Where’s When" is a CD by Pete Whitman’s X-tet. This 2007 release has received marvelous reviews. The X-tet includes: Pete Whitman, Tenor Sax/ Alto Flute; David Milne, Alto Sax/Soprano Sax; Dave Karr, Bari Sax/Flute; Joe Cosgrove, Trumpet/Flugelhorn; Jeff Rinear, Trombone; Dave Jensen, Trumpet/Flugelhorn; Phil Hey, Drums; Dave Hagedorn, Vibes/Percussion; Gordon Johnson, Bass; Laura Caviani, Piano.

Track Listing
Where's When? 5:52
Devil Dance 5:50
Child's Play 5:46
In Your Own Sweet Way 4:07
Epicycle 9:03
Points of View 6:16
Showers 4:29
Hmm... 9:36
Sweet Whisperer 2:31
Star Eyes 7:10

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