Artist Clea Galhano
Title Party of Five: A Feast of Vivaldi & Telemann
Price $15.00
Description Description "Party of Five: A Feast of Vivaldi & Telemann" is a CD released by the Blue Baroque Band. The CD contains five works: Concerto in A Minor TWV43:a3 by Telemann; Concerto in D Major RV 94 by Vivaldi; Trio sonata in A Minor TWV 42:a4 by Telemann; Concerto in G Minor RV 107 by Vivaldi; Concerto in G Minor RV 103 by Vivaldi. The performers in the Blue Baroque Band are: Darla Adams, Violin; Clea Galhano, Recorder; Kathryn Greenbank, Oboe; Layton James, Harpsichord; Charles Ullery, Bassoon. This CD is excellent! Great performances by superb musicians.

Track Listing

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