Artist Contrapunctus Brass Ensembles
Title Full Power
Price $20.00
Description "Full Power" is a 2010 release by the Contrapunctus Brass. This is a two disc CD. Each of the tracks features Dr. Amy Schendel, Trumpet and/or Dr. Todd Schendel, Trombone. A wealth of guest artists includes: Vincent Fuh, Piano; Carl Lenthe, Trombone; John Aley, Trumpet; Bernard Scully, Horn; Douglas Hill; Narrator; Bruce Bengtson, Organ. This is an amazing set of performances and great music. Tunes include: Concerto for Trumpet and Bassoon (Trombone)-Hindemith; 12 Duets for 2 Trombones-Genzmer; 6 Duets from 12 Duets for Bb Trumpets-Pauer; Abe Lincolnís Song Book-Hill; Trompetina for Trumpet and Piano-Pauer; Trombonetta-Pauer; Christgebert-Concerto for Trumpet and Organ, Op. 158-Krol; Pezzo Capriccioso fur Trompete in Bb-Genzmer; Concerto No. 1 in Bb Major-Alschausky.

Track Listing

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