Artist Geoffrey Keezer
Title Yasukatsu Oshima with Geoffrey Keezer
Price $40.00
Description Geoffrey Keezer has collaborated with the Okinawan Folk singer Yasukatsu Oshima to bring a unique CD to you. The CD is a incredible mixture of East and West. This effort took 10 years to complete! The musicians that are included on the CD are: Ron Blake, Soprano Sax; Anat Cohen, Clar. & Tenor Sax; Bill Easley (Tenor Sax & Flute); Terreon Gully (Drums); Jon Heagle (Electric Guitar); Derrick Hodge (Acoustic Bass); Keith O’Quinn (Trombone); Kenny Rampton (Trumpet); Will Vinson (Sop. Sax & Alto Sax); Scott Wendholt (Trumpet & Fluegel Horn); Douglas Yates (Bass clar.); Jon Wikan (Conductor). An RCA Victor/Japan release. Wonderful writing and playing. Oshima’s voice is remarkable. Geoff’s playing is outstanding!

Track Listing
Menuhama (Main Island)
Balsam Flower
Hill near the sea
Beautiful Moon
Shooting Star
East Coast Song
Mountain Pass

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