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T. H. Gillespie has been teaching piano and performing for nearly thirty years. His compositions and recordings involve a blend of influences, including gospel ’Fusion", rock, jazz, classical, and Celtic styles. Recently, his "Celtic Ballet" scores have been premiered by Indianapolis’ Dance Kaleidoscope, and have been recorded on a CD project, Myths For A New Millennium,

Gillespie took classical piano lessons from the time he was eight, and began improvising in rock and gospel idioms during the mid-sixties. Later, while studying classical music and jazz improvisation at Indiana University’s School of Music, he became convinced that young children and beginning piano students of any age should be exposed to basic improvisational techniques. Several of his very young students have demonstrated compositional and improvisational skills rarely emphasized in most student programs.

The result of Gillespie’s improvisational focus for beginning musicians is the piano method book, FIT To Be Played, Book 1. This method utilizes a sequential system of intervallic relationships which lay a solid foundation for more advanced theoretical, compositional, and improvisational skills.

Gillespie resides in Indianapolis where he continues to teach, perform, and record, and is completing Book 11 in his FIT series.


Title Genre Level Price
Fit to be Played (Bk. 2) Piano EAS/INT $17.50
FIT To Be Played (Bk. I) Piano EASY $17.50

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