Bruce W. Nelson

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Bruce W. Nelson, a graduate of University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, has been directing middle school and high school choirs for the past 36 years. After 21 years of teaching in Winona, Minnesota, he relocated to Russia where, for the past fifteen years, he has served as choral director at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. He has also served as both director and conductor of youth music festival choirs in Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland. His choral compositions have been performed by youth choirs throughout Europe and in the Middle East. Bruce has composed over 80 original songs, primarily for his musical / comedy revue, "Notes From Moscow”. His unique blend of humor, social commentary and unabashed sentimentality has made his musical revues particularly popular among members of the expatriate community. Bruce and his wife, Colleen, have three artistically adroit children, Lars, Haakon and Masha.


Title Genre Level Price
Autumn Violin INT $20.00
Back in Action Again (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $2.00
Blessed Friendship (SAB) Choral INT $1.60
Blessed Friendship w/Horn (Mozart/Leonov-Nelson) (SAB) Choral INT $1.70
I Cannot Say (SA) Choral EAS/INT $1.60
I Get Down On My Knees and I Pray (SATB) Choral INT $1.90
I Have Loved Thee From A Distance (SA) (Leonov/Nelson) Choral EAS/INT $1.60
I Knock At Your Window (SAT) Choral INT $1.90
In Childhood (Mozart/Leonov/Nelson) (SAB) Choral INT $1.90
In Childhood (Mozart/Leonov/Nelson) (SSA) Choral INT $1.90
In The Darkness Of The Evening (SAB) Choral INT/ADV $1.80
Loves Confession (Caccini/Leonov/Nelson) (SAB) Choral INT $1.70
Moonlight After Rain in April Violin INT $20.00
One Small Piece At A Time (SAB) Choral EAS/INT $2.00
Onward I Go (2 part chorus) Choral EAS/INT $1.40
Ruchenitsa (One Dark Night) (SAB) (Leonov/Nelson) Choral INT $1.80
Sailing Homeward (SAB) Choral INT $1.90
Sea Serenade (SATB) (Leonov/Nelson) Choral INT $1.70
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summers Day Vocal solo INT $5.95
Shepherds (TB) (Leonov/Nelson) Choral EAS/INT $1.20
Sing in a Choir (SAB) Choral INT $1.90
Sing Me a Joyful Song (Nelson/Leonov) (SAB) Choral INT/ADV $1.90
The Farmer (SA) Choral EASY $1.60
The May Evening (Leonov/Nelson) (SSA) Choral INT $1.90
The May Evening (Leonov/Nelson) (TBB) Choral INT $1.90
The Russian Banya Song (SSA) Choral INT $1.90
The Sparrows Party (SAB) Choral INT $1.90
True Unity (SAB) (Leonov/Nelson) Choral INT $1.70
True Unity (SATB) Choral INT $1.90
Winter Darkness (SAB w/ Strings) Choral INT $1.90
Winter Darkness (SAB) Choral INT $1.90
Winters In The Air (SATB) Choral INT $1.80
Wish You Were Here (SATB) Choral INT $1.60

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