Shari Sarazin

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Shari Lowe Sarazin embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of five. She was molded and greatly influenced by her mother, Margie Barrett Lowe, and her grandmother, Erma Howland Barrett, a published poet, songwriter, and seasoned musician. Many a sunny, summer afternoon were spent in the music parlor of her grandparentís farm home where Shariís love of music was born. Another great influence in Shariís musical life was her church. Sacred music soon became an important part of her repertoire. In addition to her church, Shariís school and community offered her many opportunities for musical expression and growth. Vocal music performance and education were the focus of Shariís studies at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. During the mid 1980ís, she taught high school choral music at St. Agnes Academy in Alliance, Nebraska. Shari returned to Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, and son in the late 1980ís. This return brought with it many performance opportunities in her local community of Mauston and across the state as well. At this time, she also gained studio and recording experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin. In October 1993, Shari set her grandmotherís heartfelt words to music in a song she entitled, "Oh Wisconsin, Land Of My Dreams." On August 30, 2001, "Oh Wisconsin, Land Of My Dreams" became Wisconsinís official state ballad. Shari proudly performs this magical song all across the state and shares with the many citizens of Wisconsin her grandmotherís beautiful images of a place she called home. Shari thanks God everyday for the gift music and for the many precious people who have been the íWind Beneath Her Wings!í


Title Genre Level Price
Oh Wisconsin Land of My Dreams Vocal solo INT $10.00
Oh Wisconsin Land of My Dreams Concert Band INT $60.00
Oh Wisconsin Land of My Dreams Choral INT $2.50
Oh Wisconsin Land of my Dreams Orchestra INT $60.00

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