Yanpeng Zhang

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Yanpeng Zhang was born in China in 1989 into an unmusical family. He started to take piano lessons with local private tutors at the age of five. Aside from growing up with numerous practice hours spent on this big harmonic instrument, hes also been collecting and listening to classical music CDs. These experiences contribute to both his ears and taste, though he himself had no plan of being a professional concert pianist or composer in the future. When he turned 19, he became actively interested in writing music of his own. One year later, Yanpeng dropped out of China Agricultural University where he majored in agriculture, and came to Australia to study composition in the Conservatorium of Music, University of Tasmania with a couple of established Tasmanian composers, including Mr. Don Kay and Mr. Russell Gilmour. He received his Bachelor of Music degree in 2011. He is now studying a Master of Information Technology course in the University of Tasmania.

Selected Achievements: Finalist of the 28th ALEA III International Composition Competition (2010)


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Graceful Rage (String Quartet) Strings ADV $30.00

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