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Rick Slonim is a horn player and composer who lives in St. Louis, MO. He has been a sub with the St. Louis Symphony and played with the leading studio players in New York City where he was a free lancer.

Since his college days Rick has been a composer, writing works for full orchestra, string orchestra, concert band and a great variety of chamber music. His favorite project, however, has been writing original music for a 4 piece combo consisting of horn, electric keyboard, electric bass and drum set. His combo has performed a number of times in the St. Louis area. He notes that horn players from the time they were young students have gotten left out of jazz bands and other popular music opportunities, and finally he had enough and decided to write music that really fit the horn in the combo format. It has been enthusiastically received by horn players, the whole spectrum of musicians, and concert audiences.

Note: The keyboard sound Rickís combo uses is the MIDI Grand Piano sound. However, this of course is a matter of personal taste.

All of the combo pieces are composed without any particular concept or idea ahead of time. A rhythm or theme is felt and then added to gradually without knowing where it will lead. Thus there is no particular, specific "meaning" or label that one can really put on the music. The only constant underlying idea is to have dynamic, expressive rhythms that truly suit each piece.


Title Genre Level Price
Drive It Jazz Combo INT $15.00
Quantum Leap Jazz Combo INT $15.00

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