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Title Artist Level Price
A Jazzy Trio Chris Simonson EASY $7.00
A Joyous Recessional for Brass Quintet Frank Ferriano ADV $40.00
Abe Lincolns Song Book (Brass Trio) Douglas Hill INT $40.00
Aint Misbehavin Bill Simon EASY $10.00
Alexanders Ragtime Band (Trpt. Trom.) ) Trevor Tripp EAS/INT $5.00
Alleluia Bill Simon EASY $8.00
Alte Kameraden (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $20.00
Americana Variations (Brass 5) Douglas Hill INT $35.00
Ancient Souls (Brass Quintet) Robert Dittmer INT $20.00
Aragon (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $25.00
Aruba Tuba (Brass 5) Eric Songer EASY $15.00
Ave Maria (Brass Septet) Jason Unseth INT $20.00
Basic Rhythm/Scale Arpeggio Worksheet Jamey Simmons EAS/INT $15.00
Beati Quorum Via (Brass Septet) Jason Unseth INT $30.00
Beer Barrel Polka (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Berkley Bean Mambo Vaughn Bean INT $20.00
Bist du bei Mir (Brass 5) Matt Lamb EAS/INT $15.00
Black Crow (Cerne Vrany) Ernest Broeniman EASY $55.00
Blue Goose Rag (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $20.00
Brass Quartet No. 1 Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Brass Warmup (Brass 5) Douglas Los EASY $10.00
Brassy Old One Hundreth Carl Seale INT $30.00
Burlesque (Large Brass Ens.) John Zdechlik EASY $25.00
Call of the Trumpets (Purcell/Los) Douglas Los EAS/INT $15.00
Canon in D (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $30.00
Cantique For Brass Charles White INT $45.00
Canzona per Sonare , No. 4 (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT/ADV $15.00
Castles in Europe (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Centennial Fanfare (Brass Sextet) Carl Seale INT $30.00
Chicago Scenes (Brass 5) Mark Eliot Jacobs INT/ADV $40.00
Chorale No. 2 (Brass 5) Douglas Los EASY $7.00
Christ ist Erstanden (Brass 5) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
Christ Lag in Todesbanden (Brass 5) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
Christe, du Lamm Gottes (Brass 5) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
Chromatic Fugue (Brass 5) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
City Symphony-St. Louis Blues (Brass 5) Dominic Spera INT/ADV $25.00
Civil War Relics (Double Brass Quintet) Douglas Hill INT $45.00
Concerto for Two Trumpets Bill Simon EAS/INT $10.00
Concerto for Two Trumpets (Brass 5) Douglas Los ADV $25.00
Copy Cats (Trpt., Hrn., Trom.) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $15.00
Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine (Brass Trio) Trevor Tripp INT $15.00
Danse Creole (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Day of Arising (Large Brass Ens.) John Zdechlik INT $25.00
Der Rheinlander (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Die Meistersinger (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT/ADV $30.00
Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Dreams and Variations (Brass Trio) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Ein Hofbrauhaus (Brass 5) Douglas Los EASY $15.00
Elephant and the Flea (Brass Quintet) Ernest Broeniman INT/ADV $25.00
Emblem of Freedom (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT/ADV $20.00
Est ist ein Ros Entsprungen (brass 4) Bill Schmid INT $15.00
Fanfare and March (Large Brass Ens.) Carl Seale INT $60.00
Fanfare for the Common Quintet Eric Songer EASY $15.00
Fanfare for Trumpet and Trombone Chris Granias INT $20.00
Fanfare No. 1 Spike Maiden Müller INT $25.00
Fanfare, Song and Little Blues for Brass (Brass 5) Eli Grajkowski EASY $20.00
Fantasyfare (For Brass and Timpani) Curtis Wilson INT/ADV $55.00
Five duets in Five Keys Bill Simon EASY $8.00
Five Hymns of Worship (Brass 6) Matt Lamb EAS/INT $25.00
Four Brass Structures (Brass 5) Ron Keezer INT $25.00
Four Pieces for Brass Trio (Trpt., Horn, Trom.) Al Cobine INT $30.00
Fugue From Diabelli Variations (Brass 5) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $30.00
Fugue in C Major (Brass 5) Frank Ferriano ADV $30.00
Funeral March of a Marionette (Brass 4) Bill Schmid INT $15.00
Gavotte (Brass 5) Robert Webb EAS/INT $20.00
Gloria (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $25.00
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Brass 5) John Lorge INT $20.00
Golliwogs Cakewalk (Brass 5) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $30.00
Gone Are The Days Bill Simon INT $12.00
Grand Fanfare to the Minneapolis Brass John Zdechlik INT $25.00
Grand March-Rossini/Los Douglas Los EAS/INT $25.00
He is born, the Holy Child (Brass 5) Douglas Los EAS/INT $20.00
Henrys Trombone Polka (Brass 5) Douglas Los EAS/INT $15.00
Herr Gott, nun Schleuss den Himmel Auf (Brass 5) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
Hodie Christus Natus Est (Brass 5) Jason Unseth INT $20.00
Hymn Suite for Brass Charles White INT $50.00
Hymn Tune Series #1 (Brass 4) Carl Seale INT $25.00
Hymn Tune Series #2 (Brass 4) Carl Seale INT $25.00
Hymn Tune Series #3 (Brass 4) Carl Seale INT $25.00
Hymn Tunes Series #2 Carl Seale INT $25.00
I Wonder as I Wander (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $20.00
In Dir ist Freude (Brass Quintet) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
In Dulce Jubilo (Brass 5) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
In My Merry Oldsmobile (Brass Trio) Trevor Tripp EASY $10.00
Inside a Brass Quintet Frank Ferriano ADV $50.00
Jesu, Meine Freude (Brass 5) Jamey Simmons INT $15.00
Jingle Bells (Brass 5) John Lorge INT $20.00
Joy/Adeste (Brass 5) John Lorge INT/ADV $20.00
Just a Thought Arni Egilsson INT $15.00
Kaddish (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Kerry Dance Bill Simon EASY $12.00
Kol Nidri (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Koum Susser Tod (Brass Ens.) William A. Adam INT $20.00
Kowlie (Brass 5) Eric Songer EAS/INT $15.00
La gazza ladra Rossini/Schmid) (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT/ADV $30.00
Lassus Trombone Bill Simon EASY $10.00
Libertango (Brass Trio) Anna Suechting INT $20.00
Low Brass Boogie (Trom. & Tuba) Eli Grajkowski EASY $5.00
Magic Flute (Overture) (Brass Trio) Anna Suechting INT/ADV $25.00
Magnificant Fugue (Brass 5) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
March of the Silver Trumpets (Brass 4/Organ) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Masters in this Hall/The First Noel (Brass 5) John Lorge INT/ADV $20.00
Meditation on Hursley (Brass 6) ( Becky Dugan INT $25.00
Minuet from Symphony #40 (Brass 5) Frank Ferriano ADV $25.00
Mravalzhamier (Trpt.; Hn.; Tbn.) Anna Suechting INT $15.00
Music for the Royal Fireworks (Brass 5) Douglas Los ADV $35.00
Naduri (Trpt.; Hrn; Tbn.) Anna Suechting INT/ADV $15.00
Name Montage (Brass 5) Dominic Spera INT/ADV $35.00
National Emblem March (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $25.00
Nimrod (Elgar/Schmid) (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $15.00
Nonpareil Rag (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Nordraaks Funeral March (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $25.00
Now All the Vault of Heaven Resounds Linda Petersen INT $10.00
Oddities for Brass Quintet Douglas Hill INT/ADV $45.00
Our Flirtation March (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $20.00
Over the Waves (Brass 5) Douglas Los EASY $15.00
Over There (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Pas Redouble (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Petite Suite (Ibert/Jensen) Jessica Jensen INT $30.00
Poet and Peasant Overture (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $25.00
Prelude (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $15.00
Prelude and Fugue in G minor (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $20.00
Prelude Opus 3 No. 2 (Rachmaninoff) Charles White INT/ADV $50.00
Prince of Denmarks March (Brass 4 w/Organ) Bill Schmid INT $15.00
Procession of the Nobles (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT/ADV $25.00
Psalm XVII Bill Simon ADV $10.00
Puppy Parade (Brass 5) Douglas Los EAS/INT $20.00
Rage Fanfare (Brass 5) Eric Songer INT/ADV $20.00
Ravelian Blues (Brass 5) Alan Pearlmutter INT/ADV $40.00
Recollections Revisited (Double Brass Quintet) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $50.00
Rialto Ripples (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Rocks In My Socks (Trom. & Tuba) Eli Grajkowski EASY $5.00
Round Midnight Randall Reyman ADV $25.00
Rumores de la Caleta (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT/ADV $15.00
Saints (Go Marching In) (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $25.00
Samba Verde (Brass 5 w/Drum set) Bill Schmid INT $25.00
Sarabande (Debussy/Schmid) (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Scherzo for Low Brass and Timpani Donald Young INT $25.00
Semper Fidelis (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT/ADV $20.00
Short Sketch for Brass Quintet Geoffrey Keezer INT $40.00
Shreveport Stomp (Morton/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Silent Night (Gruber/Schmid) (Brass 4) Bill Schmid INT $15.00
Simple Gifts (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Sketch #2 for Brass Quintet Geoffrey Keezer INT $40.00
Something Doing (Brass 6) Becky Dugan INT/ADV $25.00
Song for Pablo Luke Gillespie INT $15.00
Southern Folk Hymn (Brass 5) Douglas Los EAS/INT $15.00
Sparta Sea Serpent Polka (Brass 5) Trevor Tripp INT $25.00
Star Spangled Banner (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Suite for Brass and Percussion Mark Buselli INT/ADV $55.00
Suite, Op. 29 (Brass 6) Becky Dugan INT $25.00
Sweet Georgia Brown (Brass 5) Bobby Scann INT $30.00
Take Me Out To The Ballgame (Brass 5) Eric Songer INT $25.00
Tangential Tango (Brass 4) Chris Campbell EAS/INT $15.00
Tango Americaine (1920) (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
The Barber of Seville (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $25.00
The Funky Brass Boys (Trom. & Tuba) Eli Grajkowski EASY $10.00
The Liberty Bell March- Sousa/Los Douglas Los INT $20.00
The Stars and Stripes Forever (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT/ADV $25.00
The Water is Wide Bill Simon EASY $10.00
Three Georgian Folk Songs (Brass Trio) Anna Suechting INT/ADV $35.00
Three German Folk Songs (Brass 5) Douglas Los EASY $15.00
Thunder and Blazes (Brass Trio) Trevor Tripp INT/ADV $15.00
Timepieces (Brass 5) Douglas Hill ADV $55.00
Tribal Images for Brass Quintet and Percussion Douglas Hill INT/ADV $50.00
Trio Reception Book William ONeil INT $75.00
Trumpet in the Morning (Trpt. & Pno.) Robert Webb INT $10.00
Tskhenosnuri (Trpt.; Hn.; Tbn.) Anna Suechting INT/ADV $15.00
Two Contrasting Pachelbel Fugues (Trom. Choir) Frank Ferriano INT $50.00
Unity (Brass 5) Eric Songer EASY $15.00
Variations on We Three Kings (Brass Ens.) Al Cobine INT/ADV $50.00
Vocalise-Etude (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT $20.00
Waldbauern Schottisch (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $15.00
Warm-ups, Scales, Patterns & Licks Michael Palermo EAS/INT $15.00
Washington Post March (Brass 5) Douglas Los INT $25.00
Welcome Home (Brass Choir w/ Perc.) Kelly Rossum INT/ADV $45.00
What Child Is This? (Trad./Schmid) (Brass 4) Bill Schmid EASY $15.00
Yankee Doodle (Brass 5) John Lorge INT $20.00
Zortzico (Brass 5) Bill Schmid INT/ADV $20.00

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