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A Set of Songs and Dances (Hn, Clar., Vibes/Perc., Bass) Douglas Hill ADV $55.00
Abe Lincolns Song Book (Horn Trio) Douglas Hill INT $40.00
Abstraction for Solo and 8 Horns Douglas Hill ADV $25.00
Adagio for Horns (4 Horns) Douglas Hill INT $20.00
Alpenspiegel (Alphorn Quartet) Mark Eliot Jacobs INT/ADV $25.00
Amazing Closer America (4 Horns) John Lorge INT/ADV $35.00
Americana Variations (4 Horns) Douglas Hill ADV $30.00
Angels We Have Heard Douglas Hill INT/ADV $25.00
April is in my Mistress Face ( 4 Horns) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $15.00
Arioso (Bach/Los) Douglas Los INT $8.00
Away in the Manger (4 Horns) John Lorge INT/ADV $15.00
Barbie on Holiday Genghis Barbie INT/ADV $50.00
Bass n Brass Trio ((Horn, Trom. & Bass) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $30.00
Bordogni Vocalises (For Low Horn) Dave Anderson INT/ADV $25.00
Bordogni Vocalises (Treble Clef for Horn or Trumpet) Dave Anderson INT/ADV $25.00
Calentamientos y Sesiones de Mantenimiento para el Cornista Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Character Pieces for Solo Horn Douglas Hill ADV $12.00
Clusters for Five Horns Douglas Hill INT/ADV $45.00
Concerto Grosso #8 (Corelli/Lorge) 8 Horns John Lorge INT $50.00
Copy Cats (Trpt., Hrn., Trom.) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $15.00
Dialogues for Six Horns Douglas Hill INT $25.00
Douglas Hills Melodies (Book 2) Douglas Hill INT $10.00
Douglas Hills Melodies, Bk.1 (Charts with Chord Changes) Douglas Hill INT $10.00
Down by the Sally Gardens (4 Horns) Jason Unseth INT $15.00
Elegy for Horn Alone Douglas Hill ADV $6.00
Elegy for Violin and Horn Douglas Hill ADV $15.00
Eleven Mix-and-Match Duets (Horn) Sarah Miller INT $30.00
Eternal Father (4 Horns) John Lorge INT/ADV $15.00
Extended Techniques for the Horn (Text w/CD) Douglas Hill ADV $32.50
Five Little Songs and Dances for Solo Horn Douglas Hill INT/ADV $12.00
French Horn Basics Douglas Hill EAS/INT $15.00
French Horn Fundamentals Douglas Hill EAS/INT $15.00
From Vibrato to Trills to Tremolos...for the Horn player Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Fum, Fum, Fum (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00
God Only Knows (Horn 4) Genghis Barbie INT $30.00
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00
Gratitude (8 Horns) Douglas Hill INT $20.00
Gratitude (Hn & Pno.) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $10.00
Gratitude for Solo Horn Douglas Hill INT $6.00
Greens/Blues/Reds (for Horn & String Quartet) Douglas Hill ADV $50.00
Greens/Blues/Reds (Solo Horn) Douglas Hill ADV $12.00
Greensleeves/Ding Dong (4 Horns) John Lorge INT/ADV $15.00
Haiku Readings (Horn & Pno) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $15.00
Hallelujah (Horn 4) Genghis Barbie INT $30.00
High Range for the Horn Player Douglas Hill INT/ADV $15.00
Hill on Horn (DVD) Douglas Hill INT $40.00
I Know (Cl.,Hn., Pno.) Becky Archibald INT/ADV $20.00
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00
Jazz Soliloquies for Horn Douglas Hill ADV $12.00
Jazz Sonata for Horn and Piano Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Jazz-Mix for 2, Set #1 (2 Horns) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Jazz-Mix for 2, Set #2 (2 Horns) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Jingle Bells (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00
Joy to the World/Adeste Fidelis (4 Horns) John Lorge INT/ADV $15.00
Lithia Echo (Alphorns w/ Band) Mark Eliot Jacobs INT/ADV $85.00
Low Horn Etudes and Drills Patrick Miles INT $15.00
Low Range for the Horn Player Douglas Hill INT $15.00
Masters in this Hall/First Noel (4 Horns) John Lorge INT/ADV $15.00
Meditation from Thais (Massenet/Los) Douglas Los INT/ADV $10.00
Minuet from Symp. # 40 (5 Horns) Frank Ferriano ADV $25.00
Mirages for Horn Quartet Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Nordic Poem (Horn & Pno.) J. Michael Roy EAS/INT $10.00
Now is the Month of Maying (5 Horns) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $15.00
O Come/Bring a Torch (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00
Oddities for Horns (4 Horns) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $45.00
Oddities for Solo Horn Douglas Hill INT/ADV $15.00
Ode to Joy (Horn Duet) Ron Keezer EASY $3.00
Pantomime for Horn and Viola Chris Granias ADV $25.00
Partita on Neander John Jay Hilfiger INT $10.00
Quintet for Horns (1970) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $25.00
Raptor Music (Solo Horn) Douglas Hill ADV $5.00
Recollections for Horn Octet Douglas Hill INT/ADV $50.00
Returning Home (Alphorn & 2 Horns) Douglas Hill ADV $15.00
Returning Home (Alphorn, Flugelhorn & Trom.) Douglas Hill ADV $15.00
Ring Out Ye Bells (SATB w/ opt. Horn) Spike Maiden Müller INT $1.90
Road Trip for 2 (Horn Duet) Douglas Hill INT $20.00
Serenade for a Hornsmith Gail Ford INT $5.00
Silent Night (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00
Six (Recycled)Melodies (Horn & Piano) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Somebody to Love (Horn 4) Genghis Barbie INT/ADV $30.00
Suite II : Romance (Dring/Miles) Patrick Miles INT $15.00
Sweet Dreams (Horn 4) Genghis Barbie INT/ADV $30.00
Take On Me (Horn 4) Genghis Barbie INT/ADV $30.00
Ten Thousand Cattle Straying (Dead Broke) Trevor Tripp INT $15.00
The Glorious Privilege of Being (Horn Quartet) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $30.00
The Glorious Privilege of Being (Voice, Hn. Pno.) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
The Sweetness of Nature (Voice, Horn & Pno.) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $15.00
Three (Jazz) Fantasies for Horn Alone Douglas Hill INT/ADV $15.00
Three Duos for Oboe & Horn Richard Putzier INT/ADV $20.00
Three Famous Excerpts (Horn Duet) Douglas Hill EASY $2.50
Three Short Stories (4 Horns) Douglas Hill INT $25.00
Three Solo Pieces (for Solo Alphorn or Natural Horn) Douglas Hill ADV $15.00
Trio Reception Book William ONeil INT $75.00
Trio Set for Horns (3 Horns) Douglas Hill ADV $30.00
Triquetra (Horn & Pno.) J. Michael Roy INT $10.00
Two Madrigals by Orlando di Lasso (4 Horns) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $20.00
Twos Company (Two horns) Christopher Wiggins INT $20.00
Warm-ups and Maintenance Sessions for the Horn Player Douglas Hill INT/ADV $20.00
Wendings and Weavings (Horn Duet) Douglas Hill INT/ADV $25.00
Yankee Doodle (4 Horns) John Lorge INT $15.00

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