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Title Artist Level Price
101 Funk Street Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
135 B Chiswick Mark Buselli INT/ADV $65.00
17 Magenta Drive Eric Schmitz INT $60.00
322 Water Street Dennis Luginbill ADV $55.00
3:AM Rich Shemaria INT/ADV $60.00
500 Years Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
57th St. Mambo Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $65.00
A Balm for the World Doug Rasmussen INT $60.00
A Fathers Love Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
A Gentle Fall Brent Wallarab ADV $70.00
A Little Bossa Nova Al Cobine EAS/INT $55.00
A Narrow Path Chris Madsen INT/ADV $60.00
A Narrow Path Bob Lark INT/ADV $60.00
A Past and Perfect Life Bill Schmid INT $60.00
A Peace of the Sea Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
A Timeless Vision Dennis Luginbill ADV $80.00
A Trumpet Player In Love Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Aboard the Karlynn Geoffrey Keezer ADV $65.00
After All This Time Clarence Hines INT/ADV $65.00
After Youve Gone Don Schamber INT/ADV $60.00
Afterglow Don Schamber INT $60.00
Aint It The Truth Don Schamber INT $60.00
Aint Misbehavin (w/Vocal) Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Alexanders Rag Time Band Swings Frank Ferriano INT $55.00
All That Matters Ray Ames EASY $55.00
All Bird’s Children Fred Sturm ADV $65.00
All the Things You Were Wayne Senior INT/ADV $60.00
Alone Steven Lewandowski INT $65.00
Along for the Ride Rick Stitzel INT $65.00
Amazing Grace Orrin Hager EASY $50.00
An Old Soul Mark Buselli INT/ADV $65.00
An Olive Glow Glenn Simonelli INT $55.00
Ancient Lights Jerome M. Becker INT $55.00
And Of Dean Sorenson INT $65.00
And Thats The Way It Is Don Schamber INT $60.00
And We Listened Bob Freedman INT/ADV $65.00
And We Listened (Maynard version) Bob Freedman INT/ADV $65.00
Angel Eyes Al Cobine INT $55.00
Angel Eyes Don Schamber INT $60.00
Angel Eyes(w/Vocal) Mark Buselli INT/ADV $65.00
Angie Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $55.00
Annika Tom Boras ADV $65.00
Another Other Neil Slater INT/ADV $60.00
Another Time, Another Place Don Schamber INT $60.00
Ant Tracks Ray Ames EAS/INT $55.00
April Green (Green/Hines) Clarence Hines INT/ADV $65.00
Arbutus Christine Jensen INT $65.00
Aries Eyes Allen Vizzutti INT $60.00
Art Appreciation Steve Wiest ADV $60.00
Artificial Bebop Mark Buselli INT/ADV $65.00
As Time Goes By (Hupfeld/Schamber) Don Schamber INT/ADV $60.00
Asilomar Don Schamber INT $60.00
At All Costs Barry Long INT/ADV $65.00
At First Light Matt Pivec INT $55.00
Azul Verano Sam Fettig INT $60.00
Back on the Street Don Schamber INT $60.00
Bad Hare Day Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Ballad (Reflections) Ted Pease INT/ADV $60.00
Ballad for Ballard Claus Waidtlow INT $60.00
Ballad in Blue Orrin Hager EASY $50.00
Ballin the Jack Al Cobine INT $55.00
Be Thou My Vision (Trpt. Feature) Jamey Simmons INT $60.00
Bedlamoogie Bill Simenson INT/ADV $50.00
Belden Bottom Line Shawn Salmon INT $55.00
Beloved-Daahoud (W/ Vocal) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $60.00
Bemsha Swing (Monk) John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
Berkshire Blues (Weston/Bixler) David Bixler INT $65.00
Beyond All Limits (Shaw/Hines) Clarence Hines INT/ADV $65.00
Bien Tea Eddie Russ INT $60.00
Big Alpaca Bill Simenson INT/ADV $65.00
Billy Nicolas Ocampo INT $65.00
Birdfax Dennis Luginbill ADV $55.00
Birthday Chaser Bill Simenson INT $30.00
Bittersuite Glenn Simonelli INT $55.00
Blue Carnaval Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
Blue Fingers Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Blue Right Through Mark Flaherty INT $60.00
Blue Steps Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $60.00
Blue Yonder Christine Jensen INT $65.00
Blues Down Under Jamey Simmons INT $50.00
Blues for A-1 Chris Gallaher INT/ADV $55.00
Blues for Bam-Bam Michael Walk INT $55.00
Blues for Krohn Eric Streich INT $55.00
Blues for Otto Dennis Luginbill EASY $50.00
Blues for the Average Joe Shawn Salmon INT $60.00
Blues on the Hill Randall Reyman INT $50.00
Blues Right Down to the Shues Don Schamber INT $60.00
Blues Warm Up Dennis Lester EASY $55.00
Bluesin for Basie Darren Lloyd EAS/INT $55.00
Blunique Bob Freedman ADV $70.00
Bonin Up Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Boogaloo Clarence Hines INT $65.00
Border Crossing Don Schamber INT $60.00
Borrowed Time Don Schamber INT $60.00
Bossa Brazil Orrin Hager EASY $50.00
Bowline Geoffrey Keezer ADV $65.00
Brass Attack Doug Rasmussen INT $60.00
Brief Encounter Don Schamber INT $60.00
Brief Hesitation (Vocal w/ Jazz Ens.) Lars Jansson INT $70.00
Bright Moments Don Schamber INT $60.00
Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella Brent Wallarab INT $65.00
Britney Tom Boras INT/ADV $60.00
Broken Time Blues Aaron Hedenstrom INT $100.00
Brokenhearted Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $60.00
Brookmeyer Keith Karns INT/ADV $70.00
Bus Dues Blues Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Bye Bye Blackbird Dominic Spera ADV $65.00
Bye, Bye Blackbird Mike Malone INT $55.00
B’roque’n’ Bossa Luke Gillespie ADV $55.00
C. J. Eric Schmitz INT $60.00
Cal and Al Aaron Strang INT/ADV $55.00
Caldera Don Schamber INT $60.00
Calypso South Dominic Spera INT $60.00
Caminhando Com Wallace Mark Flaherty INT $70.00
Camino del Diablo Don Schamber INT $60.00
Camptown Races Rock Frank Ferriano EAS/INT $55.00
Can You Swing in Five Aaron Strang INT/ADV $55.00
Cape Verdean Blues (Silver/Boras) Tom Boras INT/ADV $60.00
Captain Jon Geoffrey Keezer ADV $65.00
Carry On (Arriale/Hines) Clarence Hines INT/ADV $65.00
Casa San Pablo Randall Reyman INT/ADV $55.00
Cave Swag Bill Simenson INT/ADV $60.00
Cedar Street Jump Chris Campbell INT $55.00
Celebration Dominic Spera INT/ADV $60.00
Chant of the Weed Fred Sturm INT/ADV $65.00
Charlies Shuffle Matt Lamb EASY $55.00
Chelsea Bridge (Bari. feature) Mark Buselli ADV $65.00
Chelsea Bridge (Tenor feature) Mark Buselli ADV $65.00
Chicken George John Harmon INT $55.00
Chicos First Date J.C. Sanford INT/ADV $60.00
Choral (Coral)No. 2 Rodrigo Alvarez EAS/INT $15.00
Chrissy Don Schamber INT $55.00
Chrysalis Darcy James Argue ADV $80.00
Chuck n Jinx J.C. Sanford INT/ADV $60.00
Claires Lair Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
Close Proximity Alex Kastner INT/ADV $65.00
Coisa de Lago Eric Schmitz INT $60.00
Cole Porter Latin Medley Wayne Senior INT $70.00
Cole Porter Paris Medley (W/voices) Wayne Senior INT $75.00
Color Them Cool John Harmon INT $55.00
Con Fuego Jack Cooper INT/ADV $55.00
Confluent Reflections Kyle Newmaster ADV $100.00
Cool Yule (Jazz Ens.) Lovell Ives INT $55.00
Coolness Mark Buselli INT $65.00
Count Basic Michael Irish INT $60.00
Country Toad Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Coventry Carol Jamey Simmons INT/ADV $60.00
Cowgirls Rich Shemaria INT/ADV $60.00
Crooked River Boogaloo David P. Jones INT $55.00
Cruising Claus Waidtlow INT $55.00
Cubauza Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $60.00
Curtains for Three Jerome M. Becker INT/ADV $55.00
Damascus Jamey Simmons INT $60.00
Dance of the Jackpine Savages Dominic Spera INT/ADV $70.00
Dancing Sunlight Christine Jensen INT/ADV $65.00
Darkest Night Eddie Russ INT $60.00
Darkest Night (Eddie Russ) Michael Irish INT $60.00
Davids Song Al Cobine INT $55.00
Dear Lord (Coltrane/Keezer) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $65.00
Did I Say That Out Loud Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Disco Daze Al Cobine INT $55.00
Division Street Shuffle Glenn Simonelli INT $55.00
Dog Days Bill Schmid INT/ADV $55.00
Doin the Shake Shawn Purcell INT/ADV $60.00
Dominating Brian Torff INT $55.00
Don’t Sherk Your Duty Ron Caviani INT $50.00
Double Down Frank Mantooth INT $60.00
Double Helix Jack Cooper INT/ADV $55.00
Double Rainbow Claus Waidtlow INT $65.00
Dr. Hekyl and Mr. Jive Al Cobine EAS/INT $45.00
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920) Kelly Rossum INT $50.00
Dr. Strange-Change Chris Gallaher INT/ADV $55.00
Dream Al Cobine INT $55.00
Drift Darcy James Argue INT/ADV $80.00
Drifter Rich Shemaria INT/ADV $60.00
Due N Playable Don Schamber INT/ADV $60.00
Dukes Choice Bob Hammer INT/ADV $60.00
Dynamic Duo Ted Pease ADV $60.00
Earth, Sun and Eagle John Harmon ADV $55.00
East of the Sun (W/Vocal) Al Cobine INT $55.00
East St. Louis John Harmon INT $55.00
Easy Does It Adi Yeshaya INT $55.00
Echo Blues Al Cobine INT $55.00
Emma’s Funk Matt Lamb EAS/INT $55.00
Eternal Question Frank Ferriano INT $55.00
Evening Song Clarence Hines INT $65.00
Everyone Loves The Blues Chris Gallaher EAS/INT $55.00
Eyes That Smile Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
Facets Ron Keezer EAS/INT $50.00
Fairer Weather Kerry Dull INT/ADV $55.00
Farquhar’s Revenge Ted Pease INT $60.00
Fatima Don Schamber INT $60.00
Felipe Loco Eric Streich INT $55.00
First Things First Don Schamber INT/ADV $60.00
Flakey Jake Chris Gallaher EASY $55.00
Flattering Hattery Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
Flex Time Russell Scarbrough INT $60.00
Flip Flop John Yao ADV $65.00
Flux in a Box Darcy James Argue ADV $80.00
For Dave Nigel Waddington INT/ADV $60.00
For Bud Eric Schmitz INT/ADV $65.00
For Dave (Jazz Ens. w/ Orch.) Nigel Waddington INT/ADV $70.00
For Tom Mark DeSimone INT/ADV $60.00
For Your Love Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Forever Is A While Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Four By Four Dean Sorenson INT/ADV $65.00
Foxy Funk Chris Gallaher EAS/INT $55.00
Francesca (Hickey/Purcell) Shawn Purcell INT $65.00
Frankie & Johnny Al Cobine INT $55.00
Freedom Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $60.00
Freedom Jazz Dance (E. Harris/Ruggiero) Charles Ruggiero INT/ADV $55.00
Freedom Jazz Dance (Harris/Thompson) Troy Thompson INT/ADV $65.00
Fresh Off the Grill Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
From Above Aaron Hedenstrom ADV $100.00
Gershwin Medley Al Cobine INT $60.00
Glimmering Aaron Strang INT/ADV $55.00
Gnosis Part 1 Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
Gnosis 2 Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
Go for Baroque Orrin Hager EASY $50.00
Go Right Ahead Don Schamber INT $60.00
Gone Home Andrew Neesley INT/ADV $55.00
Good King Wenceslas Orrin Hager EASY $50.00
Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat Bob Hammer INT $65.00
Grampaw’s Shuffle Ryan Cullen INT/ADV $55.00
Grand Slam (Big Band) Don Schamber INT $60.00
Greaze on Down the Road Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Green Sauce Jonathan Katz INT $60.00
Hallelujah Andrew Neesley INT $60.00
Happenstance Brent Wallarab ADV $60.00
Happy Face Lars Jansson INT $60.00
Happy Hour Don Schamber INT $60.00
Hard Pore Corn Troy Thompson INT/ADV $65.00
Haru No Ogawa (Spring Stream) Jonathan Katz INT $60.00
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Don Schamber INT $60.00
Hellgate John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
Hello Again Don Schamber INT $60.00
Henhouse Blues Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Hi George Adi Yeshaya INT $65.00
Hi-Fly (Weston/Schamber) Don Schamber INT $60.00
Hiawatha Boogie Chris Campbell INT/ADV $55.00
Highland Aire Fred Sturm ADV $65.00
Honeybee Aaron Hedenstrom INT $100.00
Hoovin Bill Simenson INT/ADV $60.00
Horizon Rick Stitzel INT $65.00
Hot Dish Mambo (Jazz Ens.) Chris Campbell INT $55.00
How Long Has This Been Going On ? Don Schamber INT $60.00
Humble Pie John Harmon INT $55.00
I am into Something Frank Ferriano INT $55.00
I Cant Sleep Tom Boras INT/ADV $60.00
I Feel October in the Air Al Cobine INT $55.00
I Hear a Rhapsody Don Schamber INT $60.00
I Love Everything But You (w/Vocal) Jay Rattman INT $55.00
I Remember Sherrie Mark Buselli INT $55.00
I Say Cabasa You Say Cabeza Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Iceland Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
Ill Be Around Al Cobine INT $55.00
Ill Never Forget You (Zawinul/Sturm) Fred Sturm INT/ADV $65.00
Illumination John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
Im Waitin Up For You Al Cobine EAS/INT $55.00
Imagine (What its doing to Jacob) Ray Ames EAS/INT $55.00
Impetus Don Schamber INT $60.00
In My Life Don Schamber INT $60.00
In the Groove Troy King INT $55.00
In Transit Dennis Luginbill INT/ADV $60.00
Infusion Confusion Eric Songer INT $60.00
Initiations Ted Pease ADV $65.00
Intensity Jamey Simmons INT/ADV $70.00
Intersection Christine Jensen INT $65.00
Inventio 14 Doug Rasmussen INT $60.00
Is This A Rainbow Nigel Waddington INT/ADV $60.00
Its All Good Andy Classen INT/ADV $55.00
Its Only Eternity Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
It’s Here David Singley INT $55.00
Ive Been There Daniel Smith INT $60.00
J.P.’s Blues James Gallagher INT $55.00
Jabberin George Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Jacobinia Eddie Russ INT $60.00
Jacobinia (Eddie Russ) Michael Irish INT $60.00
Jamaican Holiday Dominic Spera INT $60.00
Jazz Alley Allen Vizzutti INT $60.00
Jazz Espagnol Al Cobine INT $60.00
Jazz Goes to Siwash Bill Sears INT $50.00
Jazz Warm-Up Dennis Lester EASY $45.00
Jelly Roll John Harmon ADV $55.00
Jerrys Chaser Bill Simenson INT/ADV $45.00
Jocko Steven Lewandowski INT $65.00
John Coltrane Suite Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $150.00
Joint Venture Don Schamber INT $60.00
Jovian Comets Mark Buselli INT/ADV $55.00
Jump Billy, Jump Aaron Strang EAS/INT $50.00
Just Clap Ya Hands Mark Buselli INT $65.00
Just Squeeze Me Don Schamber INT $60.00
Kathryn Russell Scarbrough INT $60.00
King Richards Stomp Nick Contorno EAS/INT $55.00
Knowing (Vocal w/Big Band) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $60.00
La La Land Ray Ames EAS/INT $55.00
La Nevada Wade Robert Washut INT $60.00
Lady in Satin John Harmon INT $55.00
Lament (Johnson/Senior) Wayne Senior INT $55.00
Leapin at the Landmark Mark Flaherty INT $65.00
Legend of G Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
Lester Likes It Michael Irish INT $55.00
LHS Michael Walk EAS/INT $55.00
Like Silver Mike Malone EAS/INT $55.00
Lil’ K.C. Ryan Cullen INT/ADV $55.00
Limehouse Blues Don Schamber INT $60.00
Little Mary (Big Band) Kelly Rossum INT $60.00
Little Niles (Weston/Bixler) David Bixler INT/ADV $65.00
Little Sunflower Brent Wallarab ADV $55.00
Lock Box Jamey Simmons INT/ADV $65.00
Loft Dance (Liebman/Boras) Tom Boras INT/ADV $60.00
Lola Labido Don Schamber INT $60.00
Lonely Runner John Harmon ADV $55.00
Looking Back Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $60.00
Looking Back (Big Band) Ed Mudrak INT $55.00
Love & Joy Al Cobine INT/ADV $55.00
Lucky 13 Jonathan Chapman INT/ADV $65.00
Lunar Distance Frank Ferriano EAS/INT $55.00
Lunch Detention Blues Matt Lamb EASY $55.00
M Goomba Lives Ron Keezer EASY $50.00
Mama Didn Raise No Fools Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Mamba Pamba Samba Ron Caviani INT/ADV $55.00
Manhattan South Don Schamber INT $60.00
Many Things We Could Be Frank Ferriano INT $55.00
Masterclass Blues Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
Mastodon Bill Simenson INT/ADV $60.00
Matchpoint Don Schamber INT $60.00
May I Be Frank Tom Boras ADV $75.00
Maytes Allen Room Caper Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $60.00
Meet Freddie Fudpucker Don Schamber INT $60.00
Memory, Frozen Blue Geoffrey Keezer ADV $65.00
Might Have Been Bill Simenson INT/ADV $55.00
Might Just As Well Dennis Luginbill ADV $55.00
Mimo Provoz Daniel Smith INT $60.00
Mind Meld Mark DeSimone INT $60.00
Minor Catastrophe Shawn Purcell INT/ADV $60.00
Minor Element Andy Classen INT/ADV $55.00
Montara Don Schamber INT $60.00
Mood Indigo Al Cobine INT $55.00
Moondance Andy Classen INT/ADV $55.00
Morning in Banjul Claus Waidtlow INT $60.00
Movin On Aaron Strang INT $55.00
Mr. Lakeview Christine Hulmer EAS/INT $50.00
Mr. Natural Does the Dishes Doug Rasmussen INT $60.00
Mr. Smooth Don Schamber INT $60.00
Mu-Shu Blue Aaron Strang INT $60.00
Murphys Law Don Schamber INT/ADV $60.00
Musette Aaron Strang INT/ADV $55.00
My Man Quincy Al Cobine INT $55.00
My Melancholy Baby Frank Ferriano INT $55.00
My Word Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Na Kohola (The Whales) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $65.00
Nature Boy (Arr. Wallarab) Brent Wallarab ADV $55.00
Nebula Michael Irish INT $55.00
Nees Pleez Andrew Neesley ADV $55.00
Negrita Rodrigo Alvarez INT $65.00
Nellys Lullaby Claus Waidtlow INT/ADV $60.00
Nevada Bravada Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
Never Could Live Without You Michael Irish INT $60.00
Never Could Live Without You Eddie Russ INT $60.00
Never Forgotten Don Schamber INT $60.00
New Freedom Shout Al Cobine INT $55.00
New Guy John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
New London Blues Robert Kase INT $55.00
New Shoes Bill Simenson INT/ADV $65.00
Nobility and Beauty Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
North Clearwater Stomp Dominic Spera INT $60.00
Not Now, Bateman! Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Nothin Fancy Tom Molter INT $65.00
Now And Then Don Schamber INT $60.00
Now I Know Why Brian Torff INT $60.00
Nukin At Jukes Michael Irish INT $60.00
O Sole Mio Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
ODark OClock in the Morning Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Old Guys Surrender The Jukebox Geoffrey Keezer ADV $150.00
Old School Bob Lark INT $65.00
Old School Andrew Janak INT $65.00
Old West Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Olta & Ronet Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $55.00
Once Again Don Schamber INT $60.00
One for Rich Mark Buselli INT/ADV $65.00
One Kettle for Count Scott Whitfield INT/ADV $60.00
One Taste Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
One-Eyed Jacks Lance Strickland INT $65.00
Open Door Dennis Luginbill ADV $55.00
Open Up Your Heart (W/Vocal) Mark Buselli INT/ADV $65.00
Opus 5/4 Don Schamber INT $60.00
Out In The Storm Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Out of Socket John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
Outside the Inside Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Over the Rainbow Andrew Neesley INT $65.00
Palm Reader Geoffrey Keezer ADV $65.00
Panama Lovell Ives INT/ADV $55.00
Panthera David Milne INT $55.00
Papiro Michael Philip Mossman INT/ADV $55.00
Parasite Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
Pasos De Invierno (Winter Steps) Nicolas Ocampo INT $65.00
Passing Fancy Don Schamber INT/ADV $60.00
Patnoes Complaint Don Schamber INT $60.00
Pea Pod Brent Wallarab ADV $60.00
Peace In Our Time Wayne Senior INT/ADV $60.00
Peaches Al Cobine INT $55.00
Perdido Curtis Wilson INT $65.00
Petes Treat Don Schamber INT $60.00
Petes Waltz Bill Simenson INT/ADV $60.00
Pike Place Allen Vizzutti INT $60.00
Playhouse Claus Waidtlow INT $65.00
Por Una Cabeza Andrew Neesley INT $60.00
Port Alexander Moon Geoffrey Keezer ADV $55.00
Praxis Russell Scarbrough INT/ADV $60.00
Pretty One Al Cobine EAS/INT $55.00
Pure Sensation Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
Pythagarock Ron Keezer INT/ADV $50.00
Quality Product Nigel Waddington INT/ADV $60.00
Que Suave Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Que Viva Candido! Andrew Neesley INT/ADV $65.00
Quintado Don Schamber INT $60.00
Quixote John Harmon INT $55.00
R hour Jon Wikan ADV $60.00
Rampin Up Mark Flaherty INT $60.00
Redeye Darcy James Argue INT/ADV $80.00
Reflections Don Schamber INT $60.00
Rians Smile Matt Lamb EASY $55.00
Riff in Peace Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
Rock It Man! Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Rockland Sketches Bob Hammer INT $150.00
Rondo Op. IV Charles White EAS/INT $55.00
Ruby Sunday Mark Flaherty INT $60.00
Rum Point Chris Madsen INT $60.00
Rum Point Bob Lark INT $60.00
Rundown Don Schamber INT $60.00
Sack of Woe (Adderley/Cobine) Al Cobine INT $55.00
Safe Haven Geoffrey Keezer ADV $50.00
Saint Nicholas Avenue Andrew Neesley INT $60.00
Salt Water Rocket Keith Karns INT/ADV $60.00
Samba Verde Bill Schmid INT/ADV $55.00
Sams Shuffle Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $55.00
Sand Dunes Kelly Rossum INT/ADV $65.00
Sandu Matt Pivec INT $60.00
Sax or Better Chris Gallaher INT/ADV $55.00
Say What You Want Jonathan Chapman INT/ADV $65.00
Scuze Please Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
Seafever Christine Jensen INT $65.00
Second Balcony Jump Jamey Simmons INT $60.00
Second Line Maitre’D Brian Torff INT $60.00
Secret Love Ted Pease INT/ADV $65.00
Secret Love -Fain/Webster/Salmon Shawn Salmon INT $60.00
Seduction Kelly Rossum INT/ADV $60.00
Sequoia Shawn Purcell INT/ADV $60.00
Serial Spiller Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Shenandoah John Yao INT $65.00
Shimmer Dan Aldag INT $60.00
Shuffling the Deck Jamey Simmons INT $65.00
Simply Good Pals Shawn Salmon INT $60.00
Slave Labor Frank Mantooth INT/ADV $60.00
Sloppy Joe Aaron Strang INT $55.00
Slow Children At Play John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
Smilin for Milan Curtis Wilson INT $60.00
Snoopin Round James Gallagher INT/ADV $55.00
Snow Day Ray Ames EASY $55.00
So In Love Jack Cooper INT $55.00
So...What Do You Really Think Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Soft As Your Smile Chris Gallaher EAS/INT $55.00
Some Characters and Incidents Are Ficticious Keith Karns INT/ADV $60.00
Something in the Moon Russell Scarbrough INT/ADV $60.00
Somewhere on the Thirty-Third Parallel Keith Karns ADV $70.00
Son Song Ron Keezer EASY $55.00
Song for Anna Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $55.00
Song for Sonja Ron Keezer INT $55.00
Soon (Gershwin/Schamber) Don Schamber INT $60.00
Sore Thumb David Singley INT $55.00
Soul Searching Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Soul Searching Suite Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $150.00
Sound Position Tom Boras ADV $60.00
Soundscape No. 1 John Yao INT/ADV $60.00
Soundscape No. 2 John Yao INT/ADV $60.00
South Shore Suite Kerry Dull INT/ADV $55.00
Southeast Alaska Suite Geoffrey Keezer ADV $250.00
Speak Low (Nash/Weill/Schamber) Don Schamber INT $60.00
Spera on Jazz (DVD) Dominic Spera EAS/INT $40.00
Spirits Rejoice Brian Torff INT $60.00
Spiritual Medley Frank Ferriano EAS/INT $55.00
Spring Dance Claus Waidtlow INT/ADV $65.00
Spring Relief Spell (Vocal w/Big Band) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $60.00
Starting Time Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Steamboatin Bill Simenson INT/ADV $65.00
Still Waters Ahead Michael Walk EAS/INT $55.00
Stompin at the Canaan Winery Jerome M. Becker INT/ADV $55.00
Straight Up Don Schamber INT $60.00
Stronger Than Dirt Ron Keezer EAS/INT $50.00
Stumbling Blocks Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Summit Ave. Stomp Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Supersize it Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Swagger Glenn Simonelli INT $55.00
Sweet Emma Bob Freedman INT/ADV $65.00
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Jamey Simmons INT $60.00
Tamis Song David P. Jones INT $55.00
Teaching Through Imitation: A Jazz Ensemble Technique Manual Kevin Kjos EAS/INT $25.00
Temenos Lars Jansson ADV $70.00
Ten Jazz Chorales Michael Irish EAS/INT $150.00
Testify Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
Testify’n, Gospel, Foot Stompin’ Blues Dominic Spera INT $55.00
Texas Skies Brent Wallarab EASY $50.00
That One and Only Love Andrew Neesley INT/ADV $55.00
That-a-way Randall Reyman EASY $55.00
Thats The Way I Feel Al Cobine INT/ADV $55.00
The Beginning of the End of the Beginning Ted Pease ADV $60.00
The Bugscuffle Shuffle Jamey Simmons INT $60.00
The Deacon Don Schamber INT $60.00
The Dom Steven Lewandowski INT $65.00
The Duke Bob Freedman INT $55.00
The Dune Bill Simenson INT/ADV $60.00
The Entertainer Frank Ferriano INT $60.00
The Eye Opener Chris Gallaher INT $55.00
The Funny Thing Is... Omar Cherry INT $60.00
The Gospel Truth Al Cobine INT $45.00
The Heaviness of Blue Al Cobine INT $55.00
The Hens on Panhandle Street Aaron Hedenstrom INT $100.00
The Hymn Tom Boras ADV $60.00
The Impending Third Stephen Jones INT/ADV $60.00
The Intro Don Schamber INT/ADV $50.00
The Lamplighter Eric Schmitz INT $65.00
The Luckiest Ones Eric Schmitz INT $60.00
The Man from Tanganyika (Tyner/Simmons) Jamey Simmons INT/ADV $65.00
The Man In The Black Hat Jon Wikan INT $60.00
The Mayfield Flyer Dominic Spera INT/ADV $60.00
The Muted Affair Don Schamber INT $60.00
The Other Side of the River Claus Waidtlow INT/ADV $65.00
The Palmieri Effect Brian Lynch INT/ADV $70.00
The Quest For Reason And Logic Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
The Sassy Strut Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
The Shadow Jerod Kaszynski INT $55.00
The Sparrow Was Gone In An Instant Aaron Hedenstrom ADV $100.00
The Square Keith Karns INT/ADV $70.00
The Squirrel Shawn Salmon INT $55.00
The Sunnyside Samba Glenn Simonelli INT $60.00
The Swan (Saint-Saens/Marks) Dennis Marks INT $60.00
The Thorn In My Side Aaron Hedenstrom INT/ADV $100.00
The Trouble With Triplets Mark Buselli INT/ADV $55.00
The Usual Suspects Ted Pease INT $60.00
Theme and Variations on America Dominic Spera INT/ADV $150.00
Theme from Tequila Mockingbird Chris Gallaher EAS/INT $55.00
This Is What We Do Ted Pease ADV $60.00
Thought and Memory Keith Karns INT/ADV $60.00
Tippy Toes Don Schamber INT $60.00
Titanium Bill Simenson INT/ADV $65.00
To All Four Winds Lars Jansson ADV $70.00
To The Mothers In Brazil (Big Band Version) Lars Jansson INT/ADV $70.00
Today I Felt The Rain Mark Buselli INT $55.00
Tonys Town Jon Wikan ADV $60.00
Too Much Cha Cha Al Cobine EAS/INT $55.00
Transit Darcy James Argue INT/ADV $80.00
Treelines Christine Jensen INT $65.00
Triste (Big Band) Curtis Wilson INT $65.00
Truly Madly Deeply Blue Wayne Senior INT/ADV $60.00
Tumbao or Not Tumbao Mark DeSimone INT/ADV $60.00
Turtle Tank Blues (Helbing/Purcell) Shawn Purcell INT/ADV $65.00
Two Sketches-Part 1 & Part 2 Nigel Waddington INT $60.00
Two Ticks Past Twelve Aaron Strang INT $55.00
Ulterior Motive (Big Band) Ed Mudrak INT/ADV $55.00
Unsung Heroes Pablo Elorza INT/ADV $60.00
Upswing Russell Scarbrough INT $60.00
Uptick Bill Simenson INT/ADV $55.00
Vashtis Refusal Jamey Simmons INT $55.00
Vernal Suite Christine Jensen INT $65.00
Vistas Jack Cooper ADV $60.00
Voyage of Discovery Wayne Senior INT/ADV $60.00
Walker Papers Ray Ames EAS/INT $55.00
Walkin Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $60.00
Waltz For Ruth Mark Buselli EASY $55.00
Warm-up Chorales for Jazz Ensemble Jamey Simmons EAS/INT $60.00
Way Off Bass Jerome M. Becker INT $55.00
Wednesday Came To A Crossroads Keith Karns ADV $60.00
Well Duh its not exactly Rock Science Ray Ames EASY $55.00
What Is This Thing Called Love Jack Cooper INT/ADV $50.00
What it means to me Lars Jansson INT $70.00
Wheelman Bill Simenson INT/ADV $55.00
When In Moscow (Big Band) John Yao INT/ADV $65.00
When Lights Are Low (w/Vocal) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $60.00
When the Saints Go Marching In Rodrigo Alvarez INT $60.00
When the Saints Go Marching In (Bossa) Sam Fettig EAS/INT $60.00
Who Knows (Where tonight will lead) Jerome M. Becker INT/ADV $55.00
Who Said? Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (SATB) Wayne Senior INT $50.00
Wilbur Mike Malone EAS/INT $55.00
Wildcat Rock Ray Ames EASY $50.00
Without You David Bixler INT/ADV $55.00
Wonderland Brent Wallarab INT/ADV $55.00
Woodyard Suite Dennis Luginbill ADV $80.00
Word to the Weis Michael Walk INT/ADV $55.00
Ya Snooze, Ya Lose Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Year of the Tiger Kerry Dull INT/ADV $55.00
Yesterdays Smile Allen Vizzutti INT $60.00
Youll Have That Ray Ames EASY $55.00
Z 2 Blues Allen Vizzutti INT $60.00
Zaius Eddie Russ INT $60.00
Zaius (Eddie Russ) Michael Irish INT $60.00
Zeno Darcy James Argue ADV $80.00
Zoo Blues Brent Wallarab EASY $40.00

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