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Title Artist Level Price
A Lincoln Suite (Orch. version) Richard Baller INT $150.00
An Eye for an Eye (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $100.00
And All That Jazz (Orch. & Chorus) Wayne Senior INT $100.00
Badkhn Karnaval (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $80.00
Brides Arrival (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $50.00
Christmas Triptych (Orch. and Choir) Curtis Wilson INT/ADV $100.00
Composition for Percussion and Orchestra Ron Keezer INT $95.00
Concerto for Orchestra and Piano Geoffrey Keezer ADV $200.00
Crossroads of the Cultures Ruth Anderson INT $75.00
Current of change Dennis Luginbill INT/ADV $125.00
Dance of the Young People (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $50.00
Eloszo Ron Keezer INT $60.00
Eulogy for Orchestra Frank Ferriano ADV $60.00
Fanfare for Orchestra Frank Ferriano ADV $75.00
Freylekhs Suite (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT $100.00
Greeting of the Groom (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT $50.00
Ha Sher (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT $80.00
Horizons Kyle Newmaster INT/ADV $80.00
Incandescent, Irridescent, Effervescent Shelly Berg INT/ADV $150.00
Jewish Dance (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT $150.00
Kale-Sher (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $50.00
Lullaby (For Orchestra) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $75.00
Medora, Painted Canyon Overture (Chamber Orch.) Timothy James Graham INT/ADV $70.00
Mile-High Salsa (Younger Orch.) Steve Wiest EAS/INT $75.00
Mother and the Bride (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $65.00
Night Glider John Harmon ADV $125.00
Oh Wisconsin Land of My Dreams Douglas Hill INT $60.00
Oh Wisconsin Land of my Dreams Shari Sarazin INT $60.00
Oh, My Lord (Tenor Voice & Orch.) Ruth Anderson INT $75.00
Opera for Trumpet (w/Orch) John Whitney ADV $100.00
Oriental Dance (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT $85.00
Passacaglia Ron Caviani ADV $75.00
Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra Curtis Wilson INT/ADV $125.00
Serenade Alan Pearlmutter INT $100.00
Serenata Orquestal Carl Seale INT/ADV $75.00
Slovak Folk Songs John Whitney INT $200.00
Suite of Imagination Dennis Luginbill EASY $50.00
Symphony No. 2 Glenn Simonelli INT/ADV $100.00
Tarantella for Orchestra Ron Caviani ADV $100.00
Tevye Meets His Daughter (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT $50.00
The Choices of Sam Dennis Luginbill EAS/INT $75.00
The Dikes Dance (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $100.00
The Flight of Icarus Carl Seale INT/ADV $100.00
Triste (Alto Sax w/Orch.) Curtis Wilson INT/ADV $100.00
Triste (Trom. solo w/Orch.) Curtis Wilson INT/ADV $100.00
Two Scenes from Prince Reubeni (Pulver/Leonov) Sergei Leonov INT/ADV $100.00

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