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Title Artist Level Price
(Almost) The Amazing Spiderman (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT $4.00
10 By 10 Chris Simonson EAS/INT $35.00
14 Graded Drum Set Solos Aleksander Pusz INT $20.00
16th Note Stickings Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
1776 Revisited (DVD w/Music Dennis Lester INT $40.00
7 for five Chris Theo ADV $25.00
98 Hawks Dennis Lester EAS/INT $10.00
A Cymbal Piece Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
A Different Kind of Jazz (Perc. 4) Ryszard Pusz INT/ADV $40.00
A Family Of Teachers (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $6.00
A Harvest Ball Jig Set (7 Perc.) Richard Baller EAS/INT $30.00
A Harvest Ball Reel Set (7 Perc.) Richard Baller INT $30.00
A Jazzy Trio Chris Simonson EASY $7.00
A Practical Guide for the Drum Set Player Steve Zenz EAS/INT $20.00
A Set of Songs and Dances (Hn, Clar., Vibes/Perc., Bass) Douglas Hill ADV $55.00
A Song for General Washington (Timp. & Euph.) Chris Simonson EAS/INT $6.00
Accents of Eccentricity Andrew Bishop ADV $15.00
Adagio & Rondo in C (Mozart) (Vibes & Pno.) G.W. Sandy Schaefer ADV $15.00
Adagio (Corelli/Duesterbeck) Wayne Duesterbeck INT $10.00
Adagio and Rondo in C (K.617) G.W. Sandy Schaefer ADV $30.00
Adagio for Strings (Mar. Ens.) Tobie Wilkinson INT $35.00
After Five Barry D. Lake INT $10.00
After Three Barry D. Lake EAS/INT $10.00
After Two Barry D. Lake INT $10.00
Air on the G String (Bach/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT $20.00
Alleluia Wayne Duesterbeck EAS/INT $10.00
And The Mountains Remain (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $6.00
And Time Goes On (Vibes) (Metheny/Kennedy) Reid Kennedy INT/ADV $15.00
Angels and Angles (Solo Marimba) Jonathan Leahy INT/ADV $8.00
Anna (Vibes solo) Ron Fink INT $3.00
Anthem (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $6.00
Anything for You (Mar. Ens. plus perc.) Randy Hogancamp INT $35.00
Aquarius/Let the sunshine In (Mallet Ens.) Randy Hogancamp INT $35.00
Asylum (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT $10.00
Attack of the Hilltoppers Matt Lamb EAS/INT $10.00
Ballad for a Falling Star & Flat Tire (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT $10.00
Battle Routine (Perc. Octet) Drew Willoughby INT $35.00
Big Seven (S.D. solo) Dennis Lester EASY $3.00
Bim Bom Buenos Aires (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $12.00
Bist du bei mir (Marimba Ens.) Wayne Duesterbeck INT $20.00
Bist Du Bei Mir ( 4 Marimbas) Matt Lamb INT $15.00
Blue Camp (Vibes Solo) Bill Molenhof INT $6.00
Bone and Stone John C. Griffin INT/ADV $15.00
Bottlebrush (Mar. solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $15.00
Cajon (8 Perc.) Chris Simonson EAS/INT $25.00
Camptown Races (7 Perc.) Richard Baller EAS/INT $25.00
Care and Maintainance of Percussion Instruments Wayne Duesterbeck EASY $10.00
Carnival of the Animals( Mar. 4) Frank Ferriano INT $60.00
Carols for Percussion (Set #2) Richard Baller EASY $25.00
Carols for Percussion (Set #1) Richard Baller EASY $25.00
Carols for Percussion (Set #3) Richard Baller EASY $25.00
Celestial Variants (Perc. Ens) Chris Simonson EASY $20.00
Charleston Rag (Mar. Ens.) (Blake/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $25.00
Chop Busters (For S.D.) Ron Fink INT $15.00
Christina (Vibe solo) Ron Fink EAS/INT $4.00
City Hymn (Vibe Solo) Bill Molenhof INT $6.00
Classroom Ensemble Level One Barry D. Lake EAS/INT $30.00
Close Encounters of the Jazz Kind Thomas R. Fisher INT $15.00
Complete Text for the Rock and Roll Drummer Elliot Fine INT $20.00
Complete Text for the Rock and Roll Drummer Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Concerto for Perc. & Concert Band William Childs ADV $150.00
Conga (Mar. Ens. w/perc.) Randy Hogancamp INT/ADV $40.00
Contemporary Coordination Concepts Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Contemporary Coordination Concepts Elliot Fine INT $20.00
Contemporary Marimba Solos Bill Molenhof ADV $20.00
Contrasts for Seven Chris Simonson EAS/INT $40.00
Coventry Carol James Gallagher INT/ADV $30.00
Dance of the Aztec Warriors Carl Seale INT $20.00
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies Terry Applebaum INT/ADV $50.00
Danse Macabre (Mar. Ens. w/added Perc.) Terry Applebaum INT/ADV $40.00
DECK! the drummers Matt Lamb EASY $20.00
Diamond Dance (Mar. and Clar.) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $15.00
Different Drums Ryszard Pusz INT/ADV $50.00
Diminishing Returns (Timp. Solo) Chris Simonson INT $5.00
Dirty Dozen (S.D. Solo) Dennis Lester INT $3.00
Dis Is How Her Songo (4 drum sets) Kristen Shiner McGuire ADV $35.00
Double Scoop (SD solo) Mike Malone EAS/INT $3.00
Dreamscape Jonathan Leahy INT $30.00
Drei Duetti for Vlc. & Marimba Veit Erdmann-Abele INT/ADV $35.00
Drum Cadences Ray Ames EASY $20.00
Drum Roll Blues (Mult. Perc.) Randy Hogancamp EASY $5.00
Drum Set Control Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Drum Set Control in 3/4 Time Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Drum Set Control in 5/4 Time Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Drum Set Suite Ron Fink INT $8.00
Drumset Styles Dennis Lester EAS/INT $10.00
Duets for Snare Drum Barry D. Lake EAS/INT $30.00
Eaks Raga Dennis Lester INT/ADV $5.00
Earth Dance (Mar. & Pno) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $15.00
Eat a Sandwich for Lunch (Marching Cadence) Dennis Lester EAS/INT $10.00
Eight Hand Etude Carl Seale INT $25.00
Elite Syncopations Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $25.00
Entrance to Valhalla Matt Lamb EASY $15.00
Etudes for the Multiple Percussionist Randy Hogancamp INT/ADV $25.00
Exercises for the Beginning Percussionist Jason Ginter EAS/INT $15.00
Exploring the Dominant 7th Diminished Scale Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Fantasy on a Raga Ron Keezer INT $15.00
Feast (Cl. & Mar.) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $20.00
Feast (For Perc. Ens.) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $35.00
Film Music Ron Keezer EASY $20.00
Find the Flams Barry D. Lake INT $10.00
First Beat Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
Five Movements for Percussion Ron Keezer EASY $25.00
Flam I Am (SD solo) Mike Malone EAS/INT $3.00
Folk Music (Vibes Solo) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
For E (Solo Perc.) Ryszard Pusz INT $15.00
For Four Percussionists Ron Keezer INT/ADV $40.00
For Three Percussionists Ron Keezer INT/ADV $35.00
Foreign Films (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $6.00
Forlane (Mar. Ens.) (Ravel/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $20.00
Fortinbras March J.D. Morsch INT/ADV $30.00
Four Pieces of Rock (Drum Set solo) Dennis Lester INT $5.00
Four Renaissance Dances for Marimba Quartet Wayne Duesterbeck INT $20.00
Four Way Fours Marv Dahlgren INT $15.00
Frowned On Rock & Roll (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT $10.00
Fugue #5 in D Wayne Duesterbeck INT/ADV $20.00
Fugue a la Gigue Wayne Duesterbeck INT/ADV $20.00
Fugue for Percussion (26 Players) Chris Simonson INT $20.00
Genesis (Solo Marimba) Jonathan Leahy INT/ADV $6.00
Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Mar. Ens.) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Go Ahead...Take One ! (Drum Set solo) Brian Claxton INT $2.00
Go Man Go (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Goober Peas (6 perc.) Richard Baller INT $20.00
Greek Sketch #2 (Solo Marimba) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $12.00
Grey View, Slow Moves (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Hakone in Spring (Keyboard Mallets w/ Fl.) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $45.00
Having Fun Ryszard Pusz INT/ADV $3.00
Heckuva Mess (Perc. Ens.) Chris Simonson INT $30.00
Hi-Hat Control Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
How to play Two different Meters at the Same Time Marv Dahlgren INT $10.00
Huerta-ville (Marching Percussion cadence) Dennis Lester EAS/INT $10.00
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Mallet Perc.) James Gallagher INT $35.00
Immersed in Time (9 perc.) Raymond Standiford INT $35.00
Impetus Ron Keezer INT $35.00
Improvisational Practice Techniques Anthony DiSanza INT/ADV $20.00
Innisfree (Cl. & Mar.) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $15.00
Insync (Perc. Quartet) Ryszard Pusz EAS/INT $15.00
Invention # 4 in d minor Wayne Duesterbeck INT/ADV $10.00
Jesusita en Chihuahua (4 Mar.) G.W. Sandy Schaefer INT $15.00
Jill Anne (Vibes solo) Ron Fink INT $5.00
Jungle Talk - Wasted Talk (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $4.00
Just The Two Of Us (Withers/Kennedy) Reid Kennedy INT/ADV $15.00
Keezer on Set (DVD) Ron Keezer EAS/INT $40.00
Krupas Groove (Drum Set solo) Mike Malone EAS/INT $5.00
La Paz (Vibe solo) Joe Caploe INT $10.00
Languisce al fin G.W. Sandy Schaefer INT $20.00
Lets Go (Drum set solo) Ron Keezer EASY $2.00
Lighter Than Air (Perc. Ens.) Jonathan Leahy INT $25.00
Linda Gail (Vibe solo) Ron Fink INT $3.00
Lori (Vibes solo) Ron Fink EAS/INT $3.00
Major Scale Exercise w/Drums Dennis Lester EASY $10.00
Mallet Book Marv Dahlgren INT $35.00
Mallet Man Blues (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Maple Leaf Rag Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $20.00
March 17 Barry D. Lake INT $10.00
March On Barry D. Lake INT $10.00
March/Dance (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Marching Along (Perc. Ens.) Richard Baller EAS/INT $20.00
Marimba Blues (Solo Marimba) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $7.00
Marimba Quartet David Whitman INT $20.00
Marimba Quartet No. 1 Jonathan Leahy INT/ADV $45.00
Mariposa (Perc. Ens.) Jon D. Nelson INT $40.00
Marv Dahlgrens Note Book Marv Dahlgren EAS/INT $20.00
Maryís Mess Matt Lamb EASY $20.00
Melody Wayne Duesterbeck EAS/INT $6.00
Menuetto (Mar. Ens.) (Schubert/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT $20.00
Mikalypso (Mar. w/String 4) Bill Douglas INT $30.00
Mikarimba (Mar. solo) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $15.00
Milk Money Tobie Wilkinson ADV $10.00
Moment Musical (4 Mar.) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Moonlight Sonata (Mar. Ens.) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Naningo Ron Keezer INT/ADV $35.00
Night Glider John Harmon ADV $125.00
No Accidents, Please (Drum Set) Randy Hogancamp INT/ADV $5.00
Nuages J.D. Morsch INT/ADV $30.00
Nursery Rhyme-Medley Frank Ferriano INT $18.00
Nutcracker Suite (Tchaikovsky/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $55.00
O Magnum Mysterium Wayne Duesterbeck INT $20.00
Off the Beaten Track (Drum Set) Randy Hogancamp INT $5.00
Old Dan Flamtap (6 Perc.) Richard Baller INT $25.00
Old Macdrummer had a Band Chris Simonson EASY $55.00
On Eagles Wings (S.D. solo) James Sewrey INT $5.00
On The Outer Ryszard Pusz INT/ADV $10.00
On Wisconsin (Mallet Trio) Chris Simonson INT $15.00
Orchids Jonathan Leahy INT/ADV $8.00
Organizational Blues David Kile INT $6.00
Our Names and What We Do (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Over the Rainbow (Vibe solo) James Knutson INT $5.00
P.T. s Folly (Mult. Perc.) Randy Hogancamp INT $5.00
Pantomime of the Actors J.D. Morsch INT/ADV $30.00
Paradiddle Strut (S.D. solo) Mike Malone EAS/INT $3.00
Pedagogical Perspectives in Percussion Randy Hogancamp INT/ADV $25.00
Percussion Performance Ryszard Pusz INT $30.00
Percussion Suite #1 Thomas R. Fisher INT $30.00
Prelude #1 (Flute & Marimba) Jonathan Leahy INT/ADV $12.00
Q.T. & S. (Drum Set) Randy Hogancamp INT/ADV $5.00
Quiet Celebration (Vibes & Marimba) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Ragtime Heritage (Solo Marimba) Bill Molenhof INT $10.00
Rain Child (Perc. Ens. & Flute) Jonathan Leahy INT $45.00
Reality (Vibes Solo) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $8.00
Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Solo Marimba) Ryszard Pusz INT/ADV $5.00
Renaissance suite Wayne Duesterbeck EAS/INT $20.00
Renisku (Taiko quartet) Randy Hogancamp EASY $25.00
Resonating Sound (Drum set solo) Raymond Standiford INT/ADV $8.00
Return to Bahia (Solo Bass Marimba) Bill Douglas INT $10.00
Reverie (Debussy/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Rhythm Rudiments Joe Caploe EAS/INT $20.00
Rigaudon (Mar. Ens.) (Ravel/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $20.00
Robby the Tiger (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT $10.00
Rockit Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
Rockit Again Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
Roll On Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
Rondo a la Turque Wayne Duesterbeck INT/ADV $20.00
Roshi (Trpt. & Marimba) Kelly Rossum INT $15.00
Rudimental Riffs Marv Dahlgren INT $15.00
Ruth Ann (Vibe solo) Ron Fink INT $3.00
S Not a Rondo (Mult. Perc.) Randy Hogancamp EAS/INT $5.00
Salsa (Solo Marimba) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $6.00
Saras Dream (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Serenata (Marimba duet) G.W. Sandy Schaefer INT/ADV $20.00
Set in Motion Elliot Fine INT $20.00
Setudes Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Setudes Elliot Fine INT $20.00
Seven Bridges Joe Caploe INT $30.00
Sewrey on Concert Percussion (DVD) James Sewrey EAS/INT $40.00
She-Devil Dance (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Shepherds Song (Marimba Solo) Joe Caploe EAS/INT $6.00
Shin Daiko (For Taiko Ensemble) Ron Keezer INT $35.00
Shu Bop Du Bop (Marching Cadence) Dennis Lester EAS/INT $10.00
Sifa (Perc. Quartet) Ryszard Pusz INT $15.00
Skeins (Vibes Solo) Bill Molenhof INT $5.00
Slow Blues (Solo vibes) Bill Molenhof INT $3.00
Smiling, I am Still Here (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
Snowbird Fantasy (8-9 perc.) John Kelley INT $35.00
So Far To Go (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $4.00
Someone/Orange Colored(Vibe Solo) James Knutson INT $5.00
Sonata for Bongos Hiram Titus INT/ADV $35.00
Soundscape Jonathan Leahy INT/ADV $35.00
Spanish Dance (4 Mar.) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Speading the Load Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
Star Spangled Banner James Sewrey EAS/INT $15.00
Stille Nacht (Mar. Ens.) Randy Hogancamp INT $35.00
Suite for Snare (S.D. Solos) Ryszard Pusz INT $10.00
Tambourine Etude No. 1 Dennis Lester INT/ADV $6.00
Tango (Mar. Ens.) (Albeniz/Ferriano) Frank Ferriano INT $15.00
Ten Graded Snare Drum Solos and Duets Ryszard Pusz EAS/INT $15.00
The Numbers of Her Life (Vibes & Pno.) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $10.00
The Pearls Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $25.00
The Percussion Experience/Drum Corps & Perc. Ens. Barry D. Lake EAS/INT $40.00
The Sculptors Eye For Detail (Vibes Solo) Bill Molenhof INT $5.00
The Tragedy of Icarus Robert Logan Biles INT $20.00
The White Belt (Drum Set solo) Aleksander Pusz EASY $2.00
Three Baroque Dances (Marimba duet) Wayne Duesterbeck INT $10.00
Three Carols for Marimba Michael Bull INT/ADV $10.00
Three Movements for Percussion Ron Keezer INT $45.00
Threes and Fives Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Time and Again Ryszard Pusz INT $25.00
Time Tec Ryszard Pusz EAS/INT $15.00
Time Zones Revisited (Drum Set) Randy Hogancamp INT/ADV $5.00
Timpani and Bass Drum Mallets (Not Music) Jason Ginter INT $50.00
Timpani Piece No. 1 Chris Simonson INT $5.00
Tin Can Toccatas Carl Seale EAS/INT $40.00
Titus Overture Wayne Duesterbeck INT/ADV $20.00
To A Wild Rose Frank Ferriano INT $10.00
To Dance in the Starry Skies (Solo Marimba) Jonathan Leahy ADV $10.00
To Infinity And Beyond Dennis Lester EAS/INT $5.00
Toccata and Tango David Hanson ADV $75.00
Toccata for Organ and Percussion Carl Seale INT $35.00
Triplet Stickings Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Tsunami (For Taiko Ensemble) Ryszard Pusz INT $20.00
Tunisia (Clar. & B.Mar.) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $20.00
Turkish March Wayne Duesterbeck INT/ADV $20.00
TV Love (Vibes Solo) Bill Molenhof INT $6.00
Twos and Fours Marv Dahlgren INT $15.00
Up From The Ashes (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT/ADV $6.00
Variaciones sobre un tema de Atahualpa Yupanqui Ryszard Pusz INT/ADV $8.00
Variations on 3 Camps (Book 1) Marv Dahlgren INT $20.00
Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song (Perc. Ens.) Chris Simonson EASY $20.00
Vibe Songs (Solo Vibes) Bill Molenhof INT $15.00
Vibe Songs Suite (Vibes, Pno., Bass and Drums) Bill Molenhof ADV $45.00
Walk in the Night (Marimba Duet) Donald Young INT $5.00
Waltz Cantando (Bass Marimba Solo) Bill Douglas INT/ADV $10.00
Warm-ups, Scales, Patterns & Licks Michael Palermo EAS/INT $15.00
Webelo Strut (S.D. Solo) Dennis Lester EASY $2.00
What, No Cymbal? Barry D. Lake EASY $10.00
Whirling ( Perc. 4) Ryszard Pusz INT $15.00
Windsong Dan Higgins ADV $50.00
Yagi Bushi J.D. Morsch INT/ADV $30.00
Your Lucky Day Carl Seale INT $25.00
Zorros Revenge (Mult. Perc) Randy Hogancamp EAS/INT $5.00

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