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Title Artist Level Price
410 S. Michigan Chris Granias INT $5.00
A Southern Prelude (Solo Piano) William Price ADV $8.00
A Taste of Baroque Orrin Hager EAS/INT $5.00
A Waltz for my Sis Antonio Brett INT $5.00
Aeternum Vale Gary Noland INT/ADV $10.00
Amazing Grace (Piano solo) Jamey Simmons INT $5.00
Amethyst (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
An American Hoedown Orrin Hager EAS/INT $5.00
Andante (Longing) Glenn Simonelli INT $8.00
Andoki (Resilience) Chris Granias INT $5.00
Angelico (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Angels We Have Heard on High (Flute & Piano) Chris White EAS/INT $10.00
Autumn Twilight (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Be Still My Soul (Piano solo) Jamey Simmons INT $10.00
Benediction (Solo Piano) William Price EASY $2.50
Bluer than Blue (Pno. & Bass) Orrin Hager INT $5.00
Bob B Blues Orrin Hager EASY $5.00
Borealis Arni Egilsson INT $8.00
Celebration March (Organ) Ruth Anderson INT $2.00
Chirizakura (Piano Solo) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $10.00
Clouds (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Come Talk to Me (Gabriel/Keezer) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $10.00
Dawn (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Der Pause Walzer Orrin Hager EAS/INT $5.00
Diaspora (...of the heart) Chris Granias INT $10.00
Dirge Glenn Simonelli EASY $3.00
Douglas Hills Melodies (Book 2) Douglas Hill INT $10.00
Douglas Hills Melodies, Bk.1 (Charts with Chord Changes) Douglas Hill INT $10.00
Dream Dance (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Eight Reflections for Solo Piano Glenn Simonelli EAS/INT $15.00
Elmira Suite Chris Granias INT/ADV $20.00
Epilogue (Piano solo) Glenn Simonelli INT $8.00
Essence Of A Woman Hal Weary INT $3.00
Evanston Express-Fugue Chris Granias EAS/INT $2.00
Face Dance Chris Granias INT $5.00
Fantasy Triptich Chris Granias ADV $15.00
First Light (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Fit to be Played (Bk. 2) T.H. Gillespie EAS/INT $17.50
FIT To Be Played (Bk. I) T.H. Gillespie EASY $17.50
for Dmitri (Four-hands Piano) William Price EASY $5.00
Fractured Geoffrey Keezer INT $5.00
Funeral Waltz Gary Noland ADV $15.00
Ghost in the Photograph Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $10.00
Golden Rain (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Grunion Run (Piano Solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
Hibiscus (2 Pnos.) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $30.00
Home on the Range Chris White EAS/INT $10.00
Horace Silver Complete (Vol 1-50ís) Jay Glacy INT $19.95
Horace Silver Complete (Vol 2-60ís) Jay Glacy INT $19.95
Horace Silver Complete (Vol 3-70s) Jay Glacy INT $19.95
Horace Silver Select (Piano Solos) Jay Glacy INT $19.95
Horta-Gr(e)anias Stefado Chris Granias EAS/INT $5.00
I miss the wind Jonathan Leahy EAS/INT $5.00
I Saw Three Ships Orrin Hager EAS/INT $5.00
In The Bubble Mary Louise Knutson INT $10.00
Infinite Blue (B Flat) Geoffrey Keezer INT $5.00
Intermezzo (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Ja-Da (Jazz Piano) Chris White INT $5.00
Kristine Chris Granias INT $5.00
La Rosa Azul Orrin Hager EAS/INT $5.00
Lady of the Lake (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Left of Center (Four- hands Piano) William Price ADV $10.00
Leucadia Geoffrey Keezer INT $6.00
Liebesschmerz Fuge Gary Noland ADV $20.00
Limelight (Piano Solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
Look for the Silver Lining Chris White INT $5.00
Lullaby for a Ladybug (Piano Solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
March of the Pumpkins Orrin Hager EAS/INT $5.00
Minuet Miniature Orrin Hager EASY $5.00
Mirrim Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Piano solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
My Shining Hour Ernesto Cervini ADV $15.00
My Shining Hour Geoffrey Keezer ADV $15.00
New York (Piano solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
Nightfall on the Serengeti Geoffrey Keezer INT $5.00
Oikoyenia (Piano solo) Chris Granias INT $5.00
Palm Reader Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
Pasionata (Solo Piano) Robert Washut INT/ADV $10.00
Passacaglia (Solo piano) Chris Granias EAS/INT $12.00
Pensive Glenn Simonelli EASY $5.00
Playin and Prayin John C. Griffin INT/ADV $15.00
Postcard No. 1 (Solo Piano) William Price ADV $5.00
Prelude in D Flat Chris Granias INT/ADV $8.00
Prelude in Eb Geoffrey Keezer ADV $17.00
Prelude in Eb Carl Corcoran ADV $17.00
Procession (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Quiet Moon (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Ragtime Glenn Simonelli INT $8.00
Return to Inishmore (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
Romance in C William J. Davis EAS/INT $6.00
Sarabande Chris Granias INT $5.00
Scherzo for Piano Ron Caviani INT/ADV $20.00
Schizomezzo Gary Noland ADV $15.00
Seven-Finger Rag Jim Radloff EAS/INT $5.00
Shell Lake Miniatures Dominic Spera INT $30.00
Shiny Shell Lullaby (2 Pnos.) Geoffrey Keezer EAS/INT $10.00
Six Folk Songs Sarah Miller ADV $20.00
Song for Pablo Luke Gillespie INT $10.00
Springtime Dance William J. Davis INT $6.00
St. Thomas Chris White EAS/INT $10.00
Still (Piano solo) Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $10.00
Suddenly I See (Piano solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
Swee Pea Hiram Titus INT $5.00
Take Time for Love (Piano solo) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $10.00
Talking to Thomas Nigel Waddington INT/ADV $10.00
Tea & Watercolors (Piano) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $12.00
The Butterball Rag Orrin Hager INT $5.00
The Flat Tire Rag Hiram Titus INT $6.00
The Ice Cream Truck Glenn Simonelli EAS/INT $4.00
The Long Ride Home Becky Archibald INT $10.00
The Old Rugged Cross (Piano solo) Jamey Simmons EAS/INT $5.00
The Path To The Cross (Piano solo) Robert L. Smith EAS/INT $5.00
The Royals March Orrin Hager EASY $5.00
The Tubs Glenn Simonelli INT $6.00
Three Root River Scenes Donald Young ADV $15.00
Toccata (Solo Piano) J. Michael Roy ADV $8.00
Tragedy #1 William J. Davis INT $6.00
Warm-ups, Scales, Patterns & Licks Michael Palermo EAS/INT $15.00
What a Friend We Have In Jesus (Piano Solo) Jamey Simmons INT $5.00
What Child is This? (Flute & Piano) Chris White EAS/INT $12.00
Wide Angle Lens Geoffrey Keezer INT $5.00
Woodland Path (Piano solo) Bill Douglas INT $5.00
You Might Know Chris Granias INT $5.00
You, Me and...Gershwin Sergei Leonov INT $20.00

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