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Title Artist Level Price
Alleluia (Mozart/Los) Douglas Los INT $60.00
Ambledance Carl Seale EAS/INT $40.00
Ancienne Riviere Dennis Luginbill EAS/INT $90.00
Augies Birthday Party (String Orchestra) Douglas Los EAS/INT $25.00
Bazaar Chris Granias EASY $35.00
Blue Goose Rag (String Orchestra) Douglas Los INT $60.00
Burlesque Chris Granias INT/ADV $95.00
Canon in D (Pachelbel) Douglas Los INT $65.00
Carmen Suite Douglas Los INT $100.00
Chasing the Wind (String Orch. w/Piano) Donald Young INT $75.00
Chorale No. 2 (String Orchestra) Douglas Los EASY $15.00
Christmas Bells Douglas Los EAS/INT $55.00
Colonial Suite (String Orch) Douglas Los EASY $60.00
Composition for String Orchestra Ron Keezer INT $60.00
Concerto for Two Violins Douglas Los ADV $75.00
Denouement Glenn Simonelli EAS/INT $25.00
Elegy for Cello and Strings Ted Pease INT $60.00
Epilogue (Harp, Pno., Strings) Glenn Simonelli INT $30.00
Etappen Quickstep (String Orch.) Richard Baller INT $75.00
Gentle Annie (String Orch.) Richard Baller INT $75.00
Grand March-Rossini/Los Douglas Los EASY $60.00
Hanukkah Medley Douglas Los INT $55.00
Harvest Dance Chris Granias EASY $35.00
He is born, the Holy Child (String Orch.) Douglas Los EAS/INT $55.00
How Firm a Foundation Douglas Los EAS/INT $60.00
Hymn Tune Series # 1 Carl Seale INT $40.00
Hymn Tune Series #3 Carl Seale INT $40.00
Hymn Tunes Series #2 Carl Seale INT $40.00
I wonder as I wander (String Orch.) Douglas Los INT $50.00
Innervation for Solo Violin and Strings Ted Pease INT/ADV $70.00
Kinda Blue-Green Sarah Miller INT $55.00
Largo (From the New World Symp.) Douglas Los INT $65.00
Marche Militaire (String Orch.) Douglas Los INT $65.00
Memoria David De Lyser INT/ADV $55.00
Miramar (String Orch. w/ Pno. and Drums) Thor Bremer INT $65.00
Music for the Royal Fireworks (String Orch.) Douglas Los INT $100.00
Music for the Royal Fireworks (String Orch.) Douglas Los ADV $100.00
Music of the 26th, Set 2 Richard Baller EAS/INT $75.00
My Life (String Orch. w/Oboe) Ilio Volante INT $50.00
Opera Hits (String Orchestra) Douglas Los EAS/INT $100.00
Pentastic Dance Sarah Miller INT/ADV $55.00
Prelude and Fugue in G Minor (String Orch.) Douglas Los INT $65.00
Psalm 19 Douglas Los EAS/INT $40.00
Puppy Parade Douglas Los EASY $50.00
River Currents (Strg. & Pno.) Donald Young INT/ADV $60.00
Scarecrow at Dawn Chris Granias EASY $35.00
Short Set for String Ensemble Glenn Simonelli INT $70.00
Simple Gifts Douglas Los EAS/INT $60.00
Solstice for Strings Alan Pearlmutter INT $90.00
Song of the Oracle Carl Seale INT $45.00
Southern Folk Hymn (String Orch.) Douglas Los EAS/INT $25.00
Spring Song Carl Seale EAS/INT $50.00
Star Spangled Banner (String Orch.) Douglas Los INT $50.00
String Chorale Douglas Los EASY $25.00
String Warm Up (String Orchestra) Douglas Los EASY $10.00
Suite for Feet Carl Seale EASY $45.00
Sunrise Carl Seale INT $30.00
Tangential Tango Chris Campbell EAS/INT $60.00
The Dance of the Gobblers Carl Seale INT $45.00
The Entertainer (String Orchestra) Douglas Los INT $60.00
The Liberty Bell March- Sousa/Los Douglas Los INT $60.00
Three Excursions Ellen S. Lindquist INT/ADV $75.00
Toccata (Frescobaldi/Los) Douglas Los INT/ADV $65.00
Trauermusik Carl Seale INT $50.00
Waltz Fantasy (Variations on a Theme by Brahms) Donald Young INT/ADV $60.00
Wind Canyon Overture Timothy James Graham INT $60.00
Xtreme Articulation Carl Seale EASY $40.00

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