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Title Artist Level Price
102 Warmups for Young String Orchestra Carl Seale EASY $10.00
3 movements for middle school string quartet Chris Granias EAS/INT $100.00
A Place for Hawks (Voice, Hrn. & Strings) Douglas Hill ADV $65.00
A Tale of Yore (String Quartet and Piano) Arni Egilsson INT/ADV $45.00
Abe Lincolns Song Book (StringTrio) Douglas Hill INT $40.00
Allemande from Concerto No. 10 (Corelli) (4 Cellos) Brenda Villard INT $20.00
Amazing Grace (Vln. & Pno.) Walter May INT $15.00
Appassionata for Violin & Piano Donald Young ADV $20.00
Ave Maria (Biebl/Doty) (5 str./Org) Aaron Doty INT $20.00
Bist Du Bei Mir (String Quartet) Matt Lamb EAS/INT $15.00
Carol of the Bells (String Sextet) Bobby Scann INT $12.00
Cello- 11 Mix & Match Duos Sarah Miller INT $30.00
Concerto in D Major (Vivaldi) (4 cellos) Brenda Villard ADV $30.00
Concerto in G, mvt. 2 (Golterman) (5 cellos) Brenda Villard INT/ADV $30.00
Contemplation (String Quintet) Arni Egilsson INT/ADV $35.00
Deck the Halls (String Sextet) Bobby Scann EAS/INT $12.00
Drei Duetti for Vlc. & Marimba Veit Erdmann-Abele INT/ADV $35.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 1) Pablo Elorza INT $30.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 1) Pablo Elorza INT $25.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 2/Part 2) Pablo Elorza INT $35.00
El Cuerdita-The Little String (Book 3) Pablo Elorza INT $25.00
Elegie (3 cellos) Brenda Villard INT $10.00
Eleven Mix-and-Match Duos (Violin) Sarah Miller INT $30.00
Four Marches for the Anti-Sousa (Vln. & Pno.) Hiram Titus INT/ADV $40.00
From the Rainbow (String Sextet) Arni Egilsson INT $35.00
Get Down (Flute Version) Arni Egilsson INT/ADV $20.00
Graceful Rage (String Quartet) Yanpeng Zhang ADV $30.00
Greens/Blues/Reds (for Horn & String Quartet) Douglas Hill ADV $50.00
Guide to Orchestral Bowings through Musical Styles (DVD) Marvin Rabin EAS/INT $40.00
Hymn Tune Series #1 (String Quartet) Carl Seale INT $25.00
Hymn Tune Series #3 Carl Seale INT $25.00
Hymn Tunes Series #2 Carl Seale INT $25.00
I Hear a Rhapsody (A. Sax w/ Rhythm and Strings) Aaron Hedenstrom INT $30.00
I Wander ? (Vla. and Harpsichord) ) Arni Egilsson INT/ADV $22.00
Impressions (String Quintet) Arni Egilsson INT/ADV $80.00
Is It ? (String Quintet) Arni Egilsson INT $50.00
Jingle Bells (String Sextet) Bobby Scann EAS/INT $15.00
Journey Home Keiran Kellen INT/ADV $25.00
Just a Touch of Armadillo (Flute Version) Arni Egilsson INT $20.00
Lullaby (Emmet) ( 4 cellos) Brenda Villard INT $20.00
Lush Life (String Quartet) David Bixler INT $30.00
Mikalypso (Mar. w/String 4) Bill Douglas INT $30.00
Morning Star (Trad. Irish) Keiran Kellen INT $15.00
Our Father Jason Unseth EAS/INT $30.00
Pavane (String Quartet) (Faure/Doty) Aaron Doty ADV $20.00
Prelude in B minor(Chopin) (4 cellos) Brenda Villard INT $20.00
Pua Ahihi (Cello & Pno.) Geoffrey Keezer INT $12.00
Round About Frank Griffith INT/ADV $40.00
Salon Music for Violin and Piano Hiram Titus INT/ADV $20.00
Scandinavian Christmas Suite (Vln. & Pno.) Matt Lamb EAS/INT $10.00
Scottish Flowers (Trad. Scottish) Keiran Kellen INT $15.00
Setting for String Quartet Donald Young ADV $25.00
Sextet Pacifica (String Sextet) Arni Egilsson INT/ADV $45.00
Silent Night (6 Strings) Bobby Scann INT $12.00
Sonata in G minor, mvt. 2 (Handel) ( 5 cellos) Brenda Villard INT/ADV $30.00
Soneando (String Trio) Robert Washut INT/ADV $25.00
String Quartet No. 1 Ron Keezer INT $45.00
String Quartet No. 1 (For Her) Charles Jason Bechtold INT $20.00
String Quartet No. 2 (The Conquest Within) Charles Jason Bechtold INT $20.00
Tamlin (Trad. Scottish) Keiran Kellen INT/ADV $20.00
The Joy of Shifting and Double Stops (Lucktenberg/Rabin) Jerrie Lucktenberg INT $40.00
The Joy of Shifting and Double Stops (Lucktenberg/Rabin) Marvin Rabin INT $40.00
Thoughts of This Day (String Quartet) Aaron Doty INT $20.00
Three Studies for Vl., Vla. & Vlc. Veit Erdmann-Abele INT/ADV $35.00
Toccata (Frescobaldi/Los) (String 4) Douglas Los INT $20.00
Toccata for Vln. Veit Erdmann-Abele INT/ADV $10.00
Transformations for Piano Trio Ron Keezer INT $45.00
Trio for Violin, Clarinet & Piano Donald Young ADV $30.00
Trio Reception Book William ONeil INT $75.00
Triumphant March from Aida (Trpt. w/ Strings) Aaron Doty INT $20.00
Two Moods for Flute & Strings Frank Ferriano ADV $70.00
Variables for Piano and String Quartet Geoffrey Keezer ADV $100.00
Viola - 11 Mix and Match Duos Sarah Miller INT $30.00
Warm-ups, Scales, Patterns & Licks Michael Palermo EAS/INT $15.00
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (String Sextet) Bobby Scann EAS/INT $15.00
What If ? (String Quintet) Arni Egilsson INT $25.00
Why ? (String quartet) Arni Egilsson INT $25.00

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