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Title Artist Level Price
21 Baroque Trumpet Duets Darren Lloyd INT/ADV $20.00
30 Progressive Jazz Duets for Trumpet Randall Reyman ADV $30.00
5 Bach Inventions for Trumpet Duet Darren Lloyd INT/ADV $10.00
5 Dance Duets for Bb Brass (Treble Clef) Darren Lloyd INT $10.00
A Jazzy Trio Chris Simonson EASY $7.00
A Little Brass Boogie Eli Grajkowski EASY $5.00
Amazing Grace (Trpt. duet w/piano) Bill Schmid INT $10.00
April is in my Mistress Face (Trpt. 4) Frank Ferriano EAS/INT $15.00
Arioso (Bach/Los) Douglas Los INT $8.00
Ashina Kaigan (Ashina Beach) Geoffrey Keezer ADV $20.00
Blue Goose Rag (Duet) Douglas Los INT $10.00
Bordogni Vocalises (Treble Clef for Horn or Trumpet) Dave Anderson INT/ADV $25.00
Bossa for Young Bobcats Eli Grajkowski EAS/INT $4.00
Call of the Trumpets (Duet) Douglas Los INT $10.00
Copy Cats (Trpt., Hrn., Trom.) Frank Ferriano INT/ADV $15.00
Dedication to Service (5 Trpts.) Kelly Rossum INT $25.00
Fanfares for a Childhood for Two Trumpets in C Randall Reyman ADV $45.00
Fantasy for Trumpet and Orchestra Micky Wrobleski ADV $100.00
Four J.S. Bach Duets for Trumpet Darren Lloyd INT $10.00
Hardly Routine: The Teachings of William Adam Kevin Kjos INT $20.00
High School Cadets (Trpt. Trio) Nick Contorno INT $15.00
Intermezzo from Carmen Douglas Los INT $10.00
Legacy: Welcome to the Circle (6 Trpts) Kelly Rossum INT/ADV $25.00
Line Item Vito (4 Trpts) Jamey Simmons ADV $20.00
Meditation from Thais (Massenet/Los) Douglas Los INT/ADV $10.00
Opera for Trumpet (w/Orch) John Whitney ADV $100.00
Pachelbel Canon Bill Simon INT/ADV $8.00
Partita on Neander (Trpt. w/ Pno. or Organ) John Jay Hilfiger INT $10.00
Radiance (7 Trpts.) Jamey Simmons INT/ADV $30.00
Roshi (Trpt. & Marimba) Kelly Rossum INT $15.00
Scandinavian Christmas Suite Matt Lamb EAS/INT $10.00
Serenity Valley (10 Trpts.) Kelly Rossum INT $30.00
Sonata for a Young Trumpeter Spike Maiden Müller INT $15.00
Song for Pablo Luke Gillespie INT $15.00
Song Without Words (Trpt. Trio) Frank Ferriano INT $12.00
Suite for Trumpet (Solo Trumpet and Concert Band) Dennis Luginbill ADV $75.00
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (4 Trpts.) Frank Ferriano EAS/INT $15.00
Tango ( 4 Trpts.) Frank Ferriano EAS/INT $15.00
The Drunken Sailor Bill Simon INT $8.00
Three Places in Sound (8 Trpts) Jamey Simmons ADV $40.00
Three Songs for Trumpet & Piano Geoffrey Keezer INT/ADV $20.00
Trio (Flugelhorn,E.H., Cello) Eric Schmitz INT/ADV $15.00
Trio Reception Book William ONeil INT $75.00
Triumphant March from Aida (Trpt. w/Piano) Aaron Doty INT $7.00
Triumphant March from Aida (Trpt. w/strings) Aaron Doty INT $20.00
Trumpet in the Morning Robert Webb INT $10.00
Twos Company (Trumpet duet) Christopher Wiggins INT $20.00
Warm-ups, Scales, Patterns & Licks Michael Palermo EAS/INT $15.00
We Hasten To Thee Bill Simon ADV $8.00

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