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Title Artist Level Price
Amazing Grace (Vln & Pno.) Walter May INT $15.00
Appassionata for Vln. & Pno. Donald Young ADV $20.00
Arioso (Bach/Los) Douglas Los INT $8.00
Autumn Bruce W. Nelson INT $20.00
Elegy for Violin and Horn Douglas Hill ADV $15.00
Eleven Mix-and-Match Duos (Violin) Sarah Miller INT $30.00
Four Marches for the Anti-Sousa (Vln. & Pno.) Hiram Titus INT/ADV $40.00
Innervation for Solo Violin and Strings Ted Pease INT/ADV $70.00
Meditation from Thais (Massenet/Los) Douglas Los INT/ADV $10.00
Moonlight After Rain in April Bruce W. Nelson INT $20.00
Salon Music for Vln. & Pno. Hiram Titus INT/ADV $20.00
Scandinavian Music for Vln. & Pno Matt Lamb EAS/INT $10.00
Sonatina no. 1 for Violin Carlos Peron Cano ADV $20.00
Sonatina no. 2 for Violin Carlos Peron Cano ADV $20.00
Sonatina no. 3 for Violin Carlos Peron Cano ADV $20.00
Song for Pablo Luke Gillespie INT $15.00
Toccata for Vln. Veit Erdmann-Abele INT/ADV $10.00
Trio Reception Book William ONeil INT $75.00
Twos Company Christopher Wiggins INT $20.00
What Child is This? (Vln, Clar., & Pno.) Luke Gillespie EAS/INT $15.00

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