Composer Orrin Hager
Title Go for Baroque
Level EASY
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $50.00
Description Scored for 5 saxophones, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones and rhythm section; it includes an instructional guide for the conductor. Jazz swing piece based upon a 4 measure, baroque styled, chord progression and includes a baroque (jazz swing) warm-up borrowed from the opening measures of the arrangement. The opening and closing measures of the piece are played as a canon, a la jazz swing, with a baroque styled cadential ending. The opening 16 measures are a canon at four measures with unison play involving each individual section. There is an eight-measure section open for solos. Solos are written out for alto 1, tenor 11, trumpet 11 and trombone II. All solos are accompanied with chord changes. High Note Range (transposed): Alto Saxophone I (B), Trumpet I (E), Trombone I (D). Printed.

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