Composer Fred Sturm
Title Highland Aire
Level ADV
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $65.00
Description Composed and recorded by the great keyboardist/composer and Pat Metheny collaborator Lyle Mays. High-powered straight-8th note groove. Lots of room for Piano/Synth.performer to stretch out. Great arrangement by Fred Sturm.

As a university student in the early 70s, I drove 5 hours to hear a new jazz work by a rural Wisconsin high school kid named Lyle Mays. Lyle and I crossed paths while he attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and we later overlapped at the University of North Texas. I wasnít surprised when he jumped right into Woody Hermanís piano chair, and I knew he had found a musical soul mate the first time I heard him with Pat Metheny. Almost 30 years later, I remain one of Lyleís ardent fans. "Highland Aire" was released on Lyleís first solo album in 1985. Within a month after purchasing the recording, I transcribed "Highland Aire" to gain further insights into his compositional style and then orchestrated it for big band so I could share his musical vocabulary with my students. Though my rendition is now almost 20 years old, I can still recognize how easily his material adapted to the jazz ensemble. Directors and students performing this adaptation must avail themselves to Lyleís recording for conceptual guidance and inspiration. -- Fred Sturm, arranger

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