Composer Wayne Senior
Title Voyage of Discovery
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description Voyage of Discovery

This bright tempo jazz samba features an extended introduction and head over parallel dominant 11 chord structures, a unison small group of open and muted trumpets, guitar and piccolo (or flute) served on a bed of trombones or saxes and a half tempo latin bridge utilising richer textured chord changes. There are solos from piano (intro and ending) and alto saxophone interspersed with exciting ensemble sections.

Voyage of Discovery was the first of a series ’The Flat Earth Suite’ that I wrote for and and dedicated to Red Rodney. This arrangement was a finalist in The Perth Jazz Society Festival of Original Works (Western Australia) 1990 along with another original, Peace In Our Time, and an arrangement of All The Things You Are which have both been widely performed by Bobby Shew. Both of which are also available through this site.

You can hear the complete work on the demo CD available from this site.

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