Composer Wayne Senior
Title Truly Madly Deeply Blue
Genre Jazz Ensemble
Price $60.00
Description Truly Madly Deeply Blue

As performed by Bobby Shew.

This 12 minute concert piece shifts from slow ballad through medium swing to up tempo then back to the original ballad theme to close. Each time the tempo doubles the rhythm section remains in 2 before moving into 4 resulting in the feeling of 5 different tempos.

The tune utilises high extension chords, relevant fully extended scales and a good deal of tri-tone substitution resolution. There is extended solo space for tenor saxophone 1 and trumpet 2 who share a free cadenza space before the final ballad head.

The ballad chorus is scored for 2 clarinets and 2 tenors in unison providing a moaning ’after hours’ sound. For the body of the piece the clarinets change to soprano lead and alto 2. There’s lots of interesting ‘broken chord’ trombone section work, frequent interludes involving either contrapuntal lines or tight ensemble choruses split between the full band and a smaller horn line-up and sequences of the composers trademark lydian writing.

Truly Madly Deeply Blue was commissioned by Jazz West for performance at the inaugural Jazz Australia Convention, Perth, Western Australia in 1992 to feature guest musicians Bobby Shew, trumpet, John Clayton, bass and Jeff Clayton, saxophone. Soloists for the performance were Bobby Shew and student tenor saxophonist Jamie Oehlers.

You can hear the complete work on the demo CD available from this site.

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